Watch ‘SNL’ Mock ‘Time’ Magazine’s Breastfeeding Mom 

Watch ‘SNL’ Mock ‘Time’ Magazine’s Breastfeeding Mom 

Like it or not, the buzziest news story of the week has been Time magazine’s controversial breastfeeding cover. So, of course, it got the Saturday Night Live treatment it deserved last night on the Will-Ferrell-hosted episode.

In a gleefully biting Weekend Update segment, Seth Meyers dissects everything from the mom’s expression (“Blue Steel”) to the kid’s camo pants (“You do realize there aren’t enough camouflage pants in the world to hide from the blowback this kid is gonna experience.”)

And then he goes there, comparing cover mom Jamie Lynn Grumet to the bats**t crazy “I breastfeed my 6-year-old” Queen from Game of Thrones. (Come on, we were all thinking it).


Watch the hilarious clip below and sound off in the comments section. What do you think: Was the skewering funny? Mean-spirited? Or a bit of both?


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