Watch The Oscars’ Deleted ‘Grease’ Homage

Hey, remember that little short film James Franco tweeted that obviously showed him and Anne Hathaway preparing a Grease homage? Where was that during the Oscar broadcast? Right where it belonged: on the cutting room floor.

The Oscars have released the deleted scene and its easy to see why it was cut: Franco can’t sing. I mean, wow. That dude is amazing and I love him to death, but he can not sing worth a damn. I’ve heard butts create better music than that.

What does matter though is ANNE HATHAWAY IN TIGHT LEATHER PANTS. Holy hell can she wear some leather. Meooooow. Speaking of cat calling, like we needed to be more excited about Hathaway as Catwoman but damn this video got me excited. She looks pretty damn good (precisely inverse to Franco’s singing ability) and she sounds great too. It’s unfortunate then that the lyrics suck a big one, but that’s beside the point. FOCUS: Anne Hathaway in tight leather pants! It’s talent like this that keeps 94 year stroke victims hitting on her during a live television broadcast. God bless you Anne Hathaway and your incredible ability to wear those pants.

Question: Jennifer Lawrence in her red dress (easily the best on the red carpet) or Hathaway in her leather pants? Trick question: we all win.

Source: Vulture