We Can Thank Mitt Romney For Keeping Jason Sudeikis on ‘SNL’… For Now


Jason Sudeikis Returns To SNLMitt Romney, you’ve scored a point in the comedy column. Thanks to your position as the Republican nominee for President, Jason Sudeikis is going to stick around on Saturday Night Live until January so he can continue the best impression of his SNL career: you. 

NBC confirmed to Hollywood.com that Sudeikis’ signature impression would survive through the election season and the holiday season, but when the post-holiday blues hit, Sudeikis’ familiar mug will have left Rockefeller Center for good. 
Up until this week, the nine-year SNL veteran’s fate has been undetermined. With a hefty slate of films both under his belt on the horizon, including We’re the Millers with Jennifer Aniston and Ed Helms, Sudeikis was thought to be leaving alongside recent SNL grads Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg. However, his departure was never official. 
As the 2012/2013 season drew near, it seemed likely that the comedian would continue his Romney impression, especially since NBC has special prime time episodes of the variety series scheduled for the weeks leading up to the election. Luckily, we will have that solid Romney impression (and his lesser Vice President Joe Biden impression) through the heated election. 
Of course, there is one giant question hanging on Sudeikis timeline: What is SNL going to do if Romney wins? Who’ll play him for the next four years?
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[Photo Credit: Dana Edelson/NBC]

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