We Can’t Wait for ‘Shameless’ Season 4


Maybe the Gallagher family on Showtime’s Shameless is a little rough around the edges — they curse like sailors and keep their savings in a jar — but they make for good entertainment. The new season of Shameless premieres on Jan. 12, a mere month away, and we can’t control our excitement.

When last we left the Gallaghers, bad-dad Frank was hospitalized with a long list of possibly life-threatening medical conditions while Fiona was acclimating to full-time employment and a respectable boyfriend. (Also, Jimmy the car thief is definitely dead despite his vague exit from the show.) Lip had graduated high school and planned to go to college, but younger brother Ian used Lip’s identity to enlist in the army when his relationship with Mickey Milkovich went sour.

Since season four picks up only a few weeks after the show left off, we’ll be able to get right back into the lives of the Gallagher clan. Based on the first promo released for the new season, it seems Fiona, Frank, and Lip will be rebelling against employment, health care, and education. Meanwhile, based on casting announcements, Debbie, the youngest Gallagher girl will continue her transition to adulthood that began in season three.

However the biggest surprise of the third season finale was Ian enlisting and leaving his siblings behind. If there is one Gahllagher rule, it’s that you don’t abandon the family. Plus, we really wish Ian and Mickey could work out their relationship issues. (That’s going to be hard since Mickey is married now, but we’re still hopeful.)

If nothing else, at least Fiona officially has custody over her siblings now. We wonder if that will actually change anything though. We’ll have to tune in on Jan. 12 to find out.