We Missed Rose Tyler in the ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Special

Billie Piper, Doctor WhoBBC

When we heard Billie Piper and David Tennant were returning to Doctor Who for the 50th anniversary special, we were excited — some might say uncontrollably ecstatic — but after watching “The Day of the Doctor,” we were a little disappointed. Although everyone assumed Piper would play her iconic character, Rose Tyler she didn’t; Piper played the consciousness of the world-ending device the Doctor planned to use to end the Time War. Although the device’s consciousness recognizes it is the face of Rose Tyler, it’s not actually Rose Tyler. We don’t know about anyone else, but we feel a little cheated.

Half of our excitement for “The Day of the Doctor” was based on getting to see Rose Tyler meet the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) or finding out what happened to Rose after she went off with TenToo, the non-Time Lord clone of Tennant’s Doctor. But we didn’t get any of that! Piper only interacted with John Hurt’s War Doctor, and then it wasn’t even as the Rose we fell in love with.

On the bright side, some might say the lack of Rose was a good thing since some fans were wary of how Doctor Who showrunner and writer Stephen Moffat would treat our favorite companion. Since he’s called her a “needy girlfriend,” maybe it’s for the best that he decided not to touch the actual perfection that is Rose Tyler.

However, all of that being said, we still expected to see Rose and when we didn’t get Rose, we were sad. Our only chance to see Rose again was snatched away. (Maybe we’re getting a little carried away.) We’ll have to take comfort in the fact that at least we got to see the Tenth Doctor again.