‘Weeds’ Adds Martin Short, Aidan Quinn, & More

martin shortShowtime has just released a press announcement divulging a few little details about the new season of Weeds and some of the notable guest stars. Last season improved a bit from the downslide of seasons four and five and while it is still way too early to tell, this press release gives me a little bit of hope. First up, and no these aren’t spoilers (as it’ll be revealed in the first five minutes of the show), there’s a three year time jump as Nancy served out her sentence. But she’s not totally free as she moved to NYC and is living in a half way home. Doug, Silas, and Shane resided in Copenhagen during her stint and are on their way back to the States. And finally, it seems the show is getting back to its roots as Nancy has taken up selling once again.

But the guest stars! Never forge the guest stars. The biggest name coming on for three episodes is Martin Short and he’ll play an eccentric attorney. Aidan Quinn will play an investment firm CEO and considering the fact that Nancy doesn’t exactly go into finance, methinks he’ll be client. Or lover. Or BOTH! As previously reported, Lindsay Sloane will play an artist that Andy meets though we’ve learned that David Clennon will play her husband. I smell trouble. Jennifer Jason Leigh returns as Nancy’s sister who has been keeping young Stevie while mommy was in the clinker. In a role that I am really hoping will be hilarious, Gary Anthony Williams will play Nancy’s half-way housing counselor. Mad potential, that casting. Pablo Schreiber will play Nancy’s cell mate’s brother who begins supplying Nancy (oh yeah, Olga Sosnovska plays her cell mate).

So that’s what you have to look forward to with Weeds this summer!

Source: Showtime