‘Weeds’ Isn’t Ending Anytime Soon Says Justin Kirk

justin kirkDespite the executive producer and creator of Weeds, Jenji Kohan, saying the seventh season may be the final season for the Botwin gang, Justin Kirk isn’t as sure. His reasoning is fairly sound, though. “I think that when it’s our last season it will be officially announced, because they will have us write to a series finale,” he said to AOL. He goes on to say that this season’s finale doesn’t really feel like a series finale so he expects them to all be back for at least another year.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that Justin Kirk doesn’t really understand how television works. If the creator of the show says its the final season, it’s probably the final season. But, there are contract renewal negotiations to be had and who knows? This season could see a resurgence in the ratings. But as United States of Tara knows all too well, just because it isn’t written as a final season doesn’t mean it can’t become a final season.

Source: AOL TV