‘Weeds’ Recap: From Trauma Cometh Something

S07E02: This was a rather insignificant episode, no? A few things happened, sure, and a few balls got rolling, but overall we got a fairly boring episode this week. That isn’t Weeds’ fault though. Second episodes tend to do this. The first episode introduces everything then the second one sets it all up for the rest of the season. Weeds just happened to deliver a pretty boring set up. Oh well, it was still enjoyable.

As the AV Club noted, storylines in Weeds move at a glacial pace and that was never more evident than in Nancy’s plot this week. For some reason she wants to get back into selling weed and after bartering with her counselor for more time outside she takes the explosive rolling suitcase to her cellmate’s brother for even more bartering. Yay, bartering! And as we saw in the previews for next week, it seems Nancy really hits it off with that family though that’s a different kind of bartering.

“Lots of rape.” – Ed

Now Silas and Doug are out having their own adventures. Doug meets up with an old college buddy who invites him to get back into the “game.” It’s a little douchey, sure, but I have a feeling throwing Doug into Wall Street would be quite funny. Sure, it could be a little too Franklin and Bash, but Kevin Nealon can handle it. Silas’ story was actually rather poignant. He has a meeting with a modeling agent set up by his old agent and this new one isn’t feeling him. The new agent was a little too much of a caricature for me, but Silas makes up for it with his plea that he’s a hard worker. It’s sincere and I really liked that someone in this family is trying to make an honest dollar. Although, I’m not exactly sure how hard you can actually work at being a model. But whatever, I’m sure the ladies love an excuse to see Silas shirtless.

So yeah,we saw a rather weak episode interspersed with a few solid moments. Nancy’s eye contact with Silas as she sneaked out was another good metaphor. The bag of bombs representing her self destructive nature was another nice touch along with the cutting back and forth from the video Shane and Andy watched to Nancy’s journey back. This week didn’t completely turn me off from Weeds, but it only barely made me care enough to tune in next week.