‘Weeds’ Recap: System Overhead

S7E10: This week, Weeds keeps most of the momentum from last week going. The Pouncy House debacle continues, Shane’s issues lead to some bigger, better intrigue, and Andy goes hilariously crazy. Doug’s storyline continues to diversify, but not to quite the entertaining effect as the rest of the show’s plotlines. Even with the weird interjections from Doug’s office and the forceful acting stylings of Michelle Trachtenberg, this episode was pretty engaging and with only a few episodes left, we may be headed for a killer season finale.

“Find Emma, Find whatever it is you want from her – vengeance, peace, success, babies, hate.” -Andy

We begin right where we left off. Pouncy House took everything that wasn’t nailed to the floor, except for the safe which they didn’t have the combo to and the phone. They even took poor Andy’s invention, the Copenhagen wheel. They really lost everything. Nancy makes Silas call the landline because they must have left it for a reason. It turns out they stole her phone number, which means they have all her customers.

After seeing Emma held up in their bike shop, Nancy goes to the detective and tells him that Shane took the file to protect Silas who is dating “some girl named Emma.” Of course, Wallette immediately knows Emma as the Pouncy House ring leader and as Nancy chats with the detective about how quickly the business grows and turns violent, she uses her womanly wiles to act helpless to keep her sons away from the Pouncy House kids. Suddenly the detective is ready to act on the information the department has on Pouncy House – just as Silas is reaching a deal at the bike shop to combine forces with Emma and the ridiculously-named cartel. Well, Nancy just shot herself in the foot. Everything is once again, royally screwed. Let’s just hope they don’t fix it in the first five minutes of the next episode. Let’s let this one fester for a bit, why don’t we?