Wendy Williams And Kirstie Alley Join ‘Dancing With The Stars’

kirstie alleyNow that Faye Dunaway has been cast in the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars as the signature old person who’s trying to find a new hobby because they can’t tell the hearts from the diamonds and therefore is no longer capable of playing in the bridge tournament at the local library, other women are slowly coming to their senses and are electing to join the show as well. Perez Hilton claims to have learned exclusively that Kendra Wilkinson, Wendy Williams and Kirstie Alley have also signed on to participate in the festivities. As to their motives, Wendy probably wants to lose weight and Kendra probably wants to get out of the house so Holly Madison stops calling her to complain that Hugh Hefner is getting married in June. As to why Kirstie Alley got on board, I don’t know. And I’m not going to speculate because I like the fact I have an intact neck, around which I can wear necklaces.

Source: Perez Hilton