Wendy Williams Eliminated on ‘DWTS’

After earning 15 points for her Foxtrot to the tune of Last Night the DJ Saved My Life (which was a tribute to the days when she was just starting out in the radio and sleeping in her car at truck stops), Wendy Williams was eliminated last night on Dancing with the Stars. The first week of dancing, Wendy seemed notably uncomfortable during her Cha Cha Cha, and the judges told her to show them more of her personality. And so she came back the second week with a much stronger and much livelier Quickstep, and it resulted in Mike Catherwood going home instead of her. But unfortunately, Monday’s Foxtrot wasn’t strong enough to save her. After hearing that she was the one going home, she said “I’m probably the busiest person in terms of flying back and forth” (between Los Angeles and Hollywood).  In addition to that, I have a marriage and a child and a litany of other things.” Upon her departure, she even thanked her partner, Tony Dovolani, “for teaching me how to dance,” and remarked that “despite stereotypes, this is one black girl who can’t do the running man.”