What is Walter White Doing At ‘The Office’?


Rainn Wilson Bryan CranstonBears, beets, Battlestar Galactica and …Breaking Bad? What in the world is Walter White (aka Bryan Cranston) doing on Dwight Schrute (aka Rainn Wilson)’s lap? Are the boys expanding their business out to Scranton, PA? Free meth on the set of The Office? Has Walter decided to go clean and sell paper instead?

Well, no…not exactly! Turns out Cranston is on the set to direct an episode of NBC’s long-running comedy. According to an Instagram post from Wilson, Cranston began his directorial duties today. The caption for the image was consistently jokey in true Wilson style, proclaiming “Free meth for The Office! (look who’s directing…).” Cranston is reportedly helming an episode titled “Work Bus” that is slated to air on October 18th. But if you think this is Cranston’s first turn at the rodeo, think again! Previously, he directed an episode of ABC’s Modern Family, as well as episodes of his own shows Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle.

Regardless, fans of both shows are probably thinking the same thing: did someone say CROSSOVER EPISODE?! I have some really great ideas if you’re interested NBC/AMC. Get at me!

The Office returns Thursday, September 20 at 9PM on NBC.

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