What Snooki Can Learn from Other Reality TV Pregnancies

snookiSnooki’s life is about to change in a big way. With the pregnancy speculation and engagement hype (see left) still underway, this Jersey Shore star needs to start considering her plans for the future both as a wife/mother and a reality TV icon. As we’ve noted, this pregnancy could have negative consequences on her Shore career, so we suggest she look to her pregnant Reality predecessors for guidance. While pregnant Snooks won’t be able to amuse us with her usual drunken antics, here are a few lessons for using that baby bump to her filming advantage.

Children Change Your Priorities

Right now Snooki’s main priorities consist of smushing, booze, and pickles, but once that baby arrives her perspective on life is bound to change — just look at Kendra Wilkinson. Here’s a girl who started off as a popularly wild Playboy bunny and is now all about her family. Her transformation from The Girl Next Door to a Midwest wife and mother is clear with her priorities drastically shifting from party girl to striving to be mommy of the year. Her series Kendra is packed with family-heavy episodes focused on her life as a married woman and devoted mother. So Snooki can pledge her allegiance to drinking all she wants, but like it or not, this baby could very well change her entire outlook on life. But hey, there’s always Dancing With the Stars.

Babies Can Be a Marketing Gold Mine

After go-to stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe, gave birth to her first son, Skyler, she immediately began talking about launching a kids’ clothing line. Snooki could take a leaf out of her fashion book and do the same exact thing, only adding her own personal flair into the mix. Think about it: baby clubbing outfits, baby rhinestone sunglasses, baby bouffants; it’d be a unique franchise unto itself and you know there are people out there who would buy into it. So even if Snooki does lose some of her party girl appeal, she can make up for it in profits with a unique clothing line, making sure the essence of Snooki never goes out of style.

Baby Cameos Are Always a Crowd-Pleaser

Whether we’re Keeping Up with her or simply watching her Take New York, reality star Kourtney Kardashian always manages to spotlight her son, Mason, in occasional cameo appearances. Granted, his adorable charms aren’t the core foundation for the Kardashian franchise’s success, but it does add a cuteness factor that’s pretty hard to resist. Snooki would do well to feature her little meatball as often as possible, playing off fans’ inability to resist fawning over celeb babies like so many moths to a tiny flame. Not to mention the potential that could come from launching her own blog. Kourtney created a Mommy Blog as a way to give advice to fellow mothers, and I think we’d all like to hear Snooki’s motherly insights. She could definitely develop quite the following.

A Spin-off Can Still Happen

Just because a life of Jersey Shore partying may no longer be in the cards doesn’t mean we can’t find reasons to watch her on TV. Look at the show Teen Moms, which has earned a respectable fan base during its run. Snooki could be the new Amber Portwood, struggling to shed her drinking ways in order to focus on parenting and finishing her education. Just watching Snooki make such an emotional (and physical) journey would be worth tuning in for.