What To Expect From The Season Finale of ‘How I Met Your Mother’

HIMYMBeen a little frustrated with How I Met Your Mother recently? Fear not.

Been loving it lately? Get ready for even more.

According to Vulture (who spoke with the series co-creator Carter Bays and did a surprisingly deft job of telling us what’s to come without spoiling anything), the series is unraveling to an “explosion.” But since we know for a fact the season ends at a wedding, what sort of explosion could it be?

Well, we have a few hints. They seem to be really focused on Barney this season and we’ll be seeing more of John Lithgow later on in the season. This could possibly mean that it’s Barney’s wedding we’ll be at during the season finale on May 16. How so? Well according to them, Lithgow will figuratively “hold a mirror up to Barney” and since Barney’s life up to this point is basically the anti-Lithgow, I think it’s entirely plausible he could settle down. As much as I love Barney as the lady-chaser, I’d love to see him get married. There are only so many funny one liners he can give about hooking up with a girl. Let’s put him in the craziest situation we can his character and see what happens. I think it’ll be a smart move.

The other members of the gang don’t seem to have quite as much of a transformation ahead of them. Marshall has already gone through a lot this season so I doubt he’ll be a big focus; same for Lily. Robin has her new job which was teased about but unless she gets back together with Barney (I still see this as a SLIGHT possibility), I doubt anything major will happen with her. And Ted? Well, we know something big happens at the wedding, so we’ll see. It seems the hotel issue he bonded over with Zoey will be resolved although we do know that he’ll have to get rid of Zoey eventually.

But the main thing to remember is something Bays said, “There are a lot of balls in the air right now, and we’re gonna resolve all of the stories we’ve been seeing this season.” They know what they’re doing and, according to them, it turned out well. That’s good enough for me. Also, he said balls.

Source: Vulture