Will You Say ‘Jeah’ or ‘Nah’ To ‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do’? — VIDEO

What would ryan lochte do trailer

A womanizing, walking pectoral muscle who can’t form sentences or remember how many medals he won at the Olympics, you say? Give that man a reality show, say we! And by “we” I mean E!, since of course the network responsible for The Kardashians are the ones bringing us What Would Ryan Lochte Do?.

Today, a 4-minute-plus trailer for the show was released, and if you’re a fan of Lochte and his famous catchphrase “Jeah” (it’s on his license plate, of course) — well, you’ll be happy. It’s also worth a look if you’re not a fan of Lochte’s,  since laughing at dumb people is fun. But then you remember that that dumb person is a millionaire because YOU watch him, and then you cry. You cry a stream of tears stronger than the ones that come from Lochte’s urethra when he pees in pools.

WWRLD? premieres on Sunday, April 21 at 10PM. Hopefully you’ll be watching either Mad Men or Game of Thrones — whichever one you DVR’d to watch second — but who knows. Some men just want to watch the world burn. 

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