When It Comes To In-Show Pitching, ‘The Crazy Ones’ Has It Made

'The Crazy Ones' Makes In-Show Advertising Insanely EasyCBS

When it comes to pitching products on a show, The Crazy Ones makes it insanely easy for the show’s advertising execs – have them use it as a pitch for the in-show plot.

That makes it easy for the show’s writers. Usually when there is in-show product placement, it just got really, really awkward and intelligence insulting. “Hey man, we’re consulting on this murder case and we have a few questions. Oh, wait… is that the new Subway sandwich that you’re eating on this table here with this blatantly placed Subway tablecloth? It is? It’s delicious and only $5, right? I gotta head to Subway after I finish questioning you.” There were more than a few Microsoft cameos on shows like Elementary, where they used a laptop with Windows 8 on the screen.

I understand that with the advent of the DVR, which makes it really easy for people to skip past the commercials and get back into the show, the networks had to come up with something to get people to get some advertising, whether they liked it or not. They tried to have ads pop on the screen during the show, but the at-home TV viewers reacted to that about as well as someone who had a root canal without anesthesia. Now they have to do this. But if an audience is feeling pandered to, they’ll leave the show in a heartbeat.

That’s not a dilemma that the The Crazy Ones faces. They can seamlessly integrate sponsors, since as Robin Williams would say, “HELLO. It’s a show about ADVERTISING…” while making a bunch of goofy faces. They have already had McDonald’s and also named Crest as well. The sky’s the limit as long as the show is on the air – they could integrate any product and make it all look germane. Heck, even the show’s name is a reference to a classic Apple ad campaign from the ’90s!

Of course, knowing TV and Hollywood, they’ll have 15 shows about people in advertising next year. They love to copy each other, just like Xerox does…oops, did I do that?