Which Joss Whedon Shows Really Need a Revival?

Firefly20th Century Fox Television

Recently there have been rumors about reviving some of Joss Whedon’s long canceled properties. Tim Minear, a producer on Firefly, said he’d love to bring back the show — canceled in 2003 — for a limited series. Diehard fans of the space cowboy drama jumped on these comments, hoping for another revival of the show. 

Additionally, Jed Whedon, Joss’ brother and collaborator, confirmed that a sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog would happen. He told Entertainment Weekly it “will exist, in some format or another, at some point in the future,” which is about as vague as any statement could possibly be. With all these rumors going around, it leads to the question: do these series — and Whedon’s other prematurely canceled projects — need to be revived?


Although we loved Firefly as much as any other Browncoat, it has to be said: the show was already revived! The series concluded with the theatrical release of Serenity, so does it really need another conclusion? No. Perhaps the series didn’t end the way we’d wished it to, but sometimes you have to let a dead Wash lie. 

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

While fans might jump at the prospect of a sequel to Dr. Horrible, it’s not entirely necessary. Dr. Horrible is totally self-contained — it wasn’t canceled before Whedon could tie up all the loose ends. That being said, even though a sequel isn’t needed to make Dr. Horrible feel complete, it wouldn’t hurt either.


Although no one has mentioned bringing back Dollhouse, it seems to be the most incomplete out of all of Whedon’s projects. The second season was too rushed due to network intervention, and despite the finale episode tying up as much as it could, we doubt fans would protest a revival — or maybe even a reboot. (Hint, hint. Wink, wink.)