Which ‘Lost’ Castaway Just Earned a Role on ‘Once Upon a Time?’

Once Upon a Time Claire from Lost Emilie de RavinAdam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis sure like to keep it in the family. The producers of Lost and the masterminds behind ABC’s latest hit, Once Upon a Time, are bringing back some familiar faces. We already knew Once Upon a Time would deliver a bit of Alan Dale (a.k.a. billionaire Charles Widmore) as Prince Charming’s father, and now we can add yet another Lostie to the fantasy cameo list. Emilie de Ravin (a.k.a. Claire Littleton) will play Belle of the classic tale Beauty and the Beast and she’ll have some connection to Rumplestiltskin. TV Guide reports that Gaston will crop up but that a cameo from the Beast is less certain. Of course, I was just hoping for some sort of twist wherein it turns out Belle is actually Charming’s half sister through some extracurricular hanky panky on Charming’s father’s part. Alright, I guess we don’t need a reincarnation of a Lost plot do we?

We will, however have to wait until the new year to see Ravin’s goldilocks. She’s slated to appear in episode 12 in early 2012.

Once Upon a Time airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Source: TV Guide