NBC Cancels ‘Whitney’, ‘1600 Penn’, ‘Up All Night’, ‘Guys with Kids’ And Every Other Stupid Show You Already Thought Was Cancelled

Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBC

This season, NBC is proving itself an equal opportunity canceler: the network has cut loose Whitney, the blue humor-laden comedy about a working class New Yorker and her live-in boyfriend, as well as 1600 Penn, a sitcom about the would-be polished First Family behind closed doors (and in front of hordes of everpresent cameras). The Peacock announced its dismissal of both shows on Thursday, via IGN.

Next came word that struggling sitcom Up All Night wouldn’t be returning (good thing, because star Will Arnett is already attached to another show) and the dudes-with-strollers laugher (though most never laughed at it) Guys with Kids. Viewers were left to wonder about the fates of some other network comedies, like The New Normal and Community (both probably dead) and Smash, which is already a zombie on Saturday nights (it will also devour your brain if you watch it). We cheer the renewal of Parks and Recreation, however!

Neither Whitney nor 1600 have endured particularly fruitful lifespans on NBC. Whitney Cummings‘ eponymous series, which lasted two seasons on the network, has been shuffled around and anchored with the hiatus curse. It’s been a rough year for her. Her E! talk show also got cancelled. Good thing she has Two Broke Girls to fall back on. Star/creator Josh Gad‘s White House comedy never really managed to get off the ground in the first place. Up All Night was in the middle of rebranding itself as a more traditional sitcom and the insane ways that NBC thought of transforming it are already the stuff of legend. Guys with Kids, well, it always sucked. 

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