‘Who Gets The Last Laugh?’ Sneak Peek: Finesse Mitchell Creates the Car Wash From Hell — EXCLUSIVE

Credit: TBS

Typically when you go to a car wash, you’re there to accomplish one simple task: to get your car washed. But when TBS’s new hidden camera comedy series gets involved, well, they don’t make it that easy. Get ready to laugh (and possibly cringe!) because Hollywood.com has your exclusive sneak peek at the latest shenanigans that take place in tonight’s all new episode of Who Gets The Last Laugh?

This week’s showdown features three outrageous comedy superstars vying for the title of best prankster and it looks like former Saturday Night Live star Finesse Mitchell is going to do a bang-up job. When Mitchell and his TBS crew take over a local car wash, they give car owners the scare of their lives when it looks like their beloved automobiles are completely ruined. 

Take a look at Hollywood.com’s exclusive clip below to see all the horrified, yet hilarious reactions to Mitchell’s car-destroying car wash.

Make sure you tune in to Who Gets The Last Laugh? tonight at 10 PM on TBS to see Mitchell compete with stand-up comedian Luenell and Growing Pains star Alan Thicke.

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