Who Went Home on ‘Dancing with the Stars?’

While minimalist mover, Wendy Williams, has been given another shot at showing us is she can walk the major talk, DJ Mike Catherwood has exited the dance floor and has headed straight back into the welcoming arms of Dr. Drew Pinsky. Last night, he and his partner, Lacey Schwimmer, were voted out of the competition after receiving the lowest possible scores (13 points in week 1 for their Foxtrot and 17 points on Monday for their Jive), and receiving remarks from the judges that said their choreography was rough and their movements made them look like “wasps at a picnic” and like “flies stuck on fly paper.” Of his departure, Catherwood said, “It sucks to be sent home first!” and said that he had “nothing but a pleasurable experience.” He also made sure to commend his partner, and said “she’s equally if not more beautiful on the inside.”