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This may sound like a complaint, but it’s actually anything but — The Walking Dead, with its new showrunner Glen Mazzara, has been brutal in killing off its leads this season. We’ve lost two original cast members only seven episodes in, and if you recall, last year’s midseason finale ended with a zombiefied Sophia getting shot point blank in the head. This year’s midseason finale will air tonight, and given the intense Woodbury v. Grimes Gang battle a’brewin, we’re seriously doubtful that everyone will come out of it alive. And, since we’re impatient, we’ve decided to weigh their chances.

So, let’s start with the obvious — Rick is safe. Carl probably is, too. We lost a Grimes a couple of weeks ago, and Carl’s cowboy hat is actually a magical self-preservation device. (That would actually explain a lot.)

The fate of the Greene family is much less certain: Hershel “Stumpy” Greene is ripe for the pickin’, and Beth‘s only purpose this season has been to serve as a weird semi-love interest for Carl. Besides, The Walking Dead has a history of killing young girls in its midseason finales. Watch your back, Beth. As for Maggie — well, it’s possible, but the Glenn/Maggie romance is starting to become a major selling point, and actress Lauren Cohan has been phenomenal. Please don’t take her.

Same goes for Glenn. Regardless of either of their fates in the comics (and PLEASE post a spoiler warning if you want to chat about the comics), Steven Yeun‘s acting in last week’s episode alone is enough to justify more time on earth. And I don’t think we’ve spent enough time with Michonne yet, so let’s just say she’s safe for now.

Now, how about those Dixons? Merle could definitely be a goner, since pretty much everyone wouldn’t mind killing him. Even his boss The Governor has been annoyed by him of late. I can’t even physically or mentally comprehend the possibility of losing Daryl, so let’s skip his chances of survival, and focus on the likelihood of him killing Merle — do you think little bro has changed enough during his time with the Grimes Gang to put his sadistic older half out? I vote yes.

Season 3’s plot would shift considerably if we already lost The Governor  they’re not done with him yet — so he’s safe for now. But his scientist pal Milton is probably a goner, as well as Axel and/or Oscar from the prison gang. Those guys have been zombie-bait since day one. 

Now it’s time to address the Andrea Dilemma — her character has not exactly been a popularity queen, and now that Lori is gone, she probably garners the most fan vitriol. I’d put her chances at 60-40. Carol died and came back to life two weeks ago (and Daryl needs a lady friend), so methinks she’ll make it through.

So, to recap: Rick, Carl, Carol, The Governor, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, and Daryl are safe. Andrea and Merle are a toss-up. Hershel, Beth, Axel, Oscar, and Milton could all potentially be dead meat. 

But of course, this is only one woman’s opinion. Vote for your picks in the poll below, and argue your choice in the comments!

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