Whoa…A ‘SNL’ Host With No Project To Push?

Bruce WillisNBC

For a couple of shows, Saturday Night Live has presented a strange conundrum – bringing in hosts who don’t have any projects that they are not-so-subtly pushing. First it was Bruce Willis, who just apparently picked up the phone and said, “I wanna host SNL. Yeah, I know, it’s been a dog’s age since I did it, but hey, why not?” Then again, he’s Bruce Freaking Willis, who still oozes tons of cool. He does have a ton of upcoming movies in 2014, including yes, yet ANOTHER Die Hard movie – Die Hardest. which could prove awkward for German translation when it plays overseas: “No, no, Mr. Willis is not entering the porn world. It’s an action movie! No! Not THAT kind of action.” But the audience was not aware of anything current.

Next is Edward Norton, who is probably smarting just a bit about being replaced by Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. He’s got nothing until 2014, but maybe he felt like stretching his comedy boundaries (two voiceover cameos on The Simpsons in 13 years DOESN’T count.) It just seems like an odd choice, especially since there are probably people who have upcoming work that could have hosted. Then again, he’s a fantastic actor and he could blow the roof off with his comedic timing.

Here’s a school of thought though – the show is relying on a LOT of young, new talent who are still feeling their way through the whole process and having two steady, professional hosts who are very familiar with acting, could help ease them through this transition. They had Tina Fey for the premiere, so it does make some sense in terms of guiding hands. Then again, they also ran the risk of having the new actors just be like, “OH MY GOD! IT’S BRUCE WILLIS! CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH!” all day long. Still, it looks like it’s a good idea overall.

Let’s have a look at who is coming up: Kerry Washington will be in full swing on Scandal, which started back in September. She’ll be a nice addition for that night, a black woman on the show (more on that in another piece). Nothing after that has been announced, but it’ll be interesting to see if this trend continues all season long.