Whoopi Goldberg And Michaela Salahi: What Happened?

Bravo’s new reality series, The Real Housewives of D.C., hasn’t even premiered yet (it does tonight at 9 PM EST) and chaos between the women has already been going on longer than a certain someone’s prison sentence.

Yesterday, four women from the show (that I don’t even know the names of yet!) went on The View and talked to Joy and Sherri about the tremendous problems they’ve been having with one another. Michaele Salahi (yes! That’s right! Of the Salahis who crashed the White House State Dinner last November) was complaining how some of the other women called her anorexic or alcoholic or something so unbecoming, she felt it was necessary to bring it up again. Over the course of the discussion, Whoopi Goldberg walked onto the set and gently asked Michaele if she could “go back to the White House, please?” Obviously, Whoopster was trying to get the segment back on topic harder than Michael Bloomberg fought to get elected again (and he spent more than a billion dollars on his campaign!).

Today, Michaele claims Whoopi’s “gentle touch” was really a form of abuse. The Daily Beast described the incident further in yesterday’s article. Reporter Nicole LaPorte writes, “according to Lisa Bloom, the Salahi’s lawyer, Goldberg grabbed Salahi’s arm and said, ‘Move on, move on! Get to the White House!’ …Then, after the show finished taping, Goldberg, according to the Salahis’ lawyer, Lisa Bloom, burst into a room Michaele was sitting in with Tareq and screamed: ‘I didn’t fucking hit you! Did you say I fucking hit you?'”

Throughout the segment, Sherri and Joy kept referring to her and her husband, Tareq, as “party crashers,” and Sherri even said they should be in jail for attending a function to which they were not formally invited. Of this part of the taping, Michaela’s lawyer said, “I think they treated her horribly. I think they defamed her. I was really shocked by the way she was treated. It’s one thing to ask tough questions, it’s another to use defamatory language when you’ve been warned not to.” Can you see the sad, weeping clowns trying tirelessly to fit into their clown car yet? Watch the incident in question below.

But I know what you’re thinking: that was yesterday — shouldn’t this have been replaced with a story on the toxicity of gum? Technically it should be, but the conversations continued this morning when Whoopi addressed the entire instance on The View…

…and when Michaela Salahi and the other women went on Today…today!

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Stop wishing for this to end. The show hasn’t even premiered yet. Once it premieres, we’ll about all the teddy bears we’d rather decapitate than listen to them talk about their “charities.” It’ll just be a little bit longer.

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