Will Arnett Lands Lead In NBC’s Christina Applegate Pilot

Will ArnettAha! Looks like all the speculation about Will Arnett replacing Steve Carrel in The Office was for naught since Arnett just landed a lead role in Christina Applegate’s new sitcom. But of course, you probably already knew that because you’re an intelligent television viewer and recognize that a guest spot doesn’t mean a permanent position. While it would’ve been awesome to see Gob at the manager’s desk at Dunder Mifflin, that will have to remain a pure fantasy for now.

But as for Arnett joining Applegate’s show? Awesome. Arnett needs to be on television one way or the other and if we can’t have Running Wilde then I guess this will have to do. The show promises an irreverent look at parenting and with Lorne Michaels behind the show (as well as Emily Spivey, a former SNL and Parks & Rec writer), I think it could be a more acidic Modern Family. I can’t see Arnett and Applegate not having great chemistry together so this should be a fantastic show we all get sick over worrying whether or not it will be canceled. Thanks for the future ulcers, NBC!

Source: Hollywood Reporter