Will Arnett’s New Show Has Paul Shaffer: Late Last Night

David Letterman talked to Will Arnett about what it’s like to have a TV show (Running Wilde) of his that could do really well, and how he’s going to pass it off as someone else’s if it doesn’t. He also told us how proud he is to have been able to nab Paul Shaffer to make a cameo.

Jimmy Fallon had the greatest glassed mixologist ever on his show (known to most as Rachel Maddow) on his show, and the two of them made a drink called the Sazerac…which is apparently quite big in New Orleans, where it’s considered a “morning” drink. And it looks A LOT like grapefruit juice…so abuse it how you will.

And Steve Buscemi went on Leno and told everyone once and for all that we’ve been saying his name wrong this whole time. He’s been “nice” enough not to correct us, but I don’t think it’s “nice” when I’m being an idiot and I don’t realize it because someone thinks I’d be happier not knowing about it. Because after a while, I look like a bigger idiot for not realizing I’m an idiot. It gets worse every day, like parakeets.