Will Billy Eichner’s New Series Show Off the Comedian’s Range?

Billy Eichner, Billy On The StreetFuse TV

Billy Eichner, the incurably loud host of Billy on the Street, is starring in his own scripted comedy on the USA network (via The Hollywood Reporter). The show, titled Difficult People (produced by Amy Peohler), will star Eichner and longtime writing partner Julie Klausner as two frustrated comedians living in New York who come to hate everything around them, except each other.

We’ve long hoped that the impeccably talented Billy Eichner would get his own starring role. Some might say that his Billy Eichner is a one trick pony, but that would be denying his incredible talents. As you should already know, Eichner is the Sir Laurence Olivier of accosting strangers on busy Manhattan avenues. Call it street theater if you will, with the packed grids of New York City serving as his stage. The actor has an incredible amount of range and depth in his work. He’s a master class of subtlety, grace, and screaming. We’ve collected several clips that show Eichner in his element, finding and exploiting the finest nuances of acting, and blowing out the tri-state area’s collective eardrum. 

Here, Eichner displays subtle feelings of despair when bellowing about Disney’s mistreatment of Ratatouille:

Here, Eichner accesses his deep vulnerability when screaming at New Yorkers about Paul Rudd:

Here, Eichner channels the quiet intensity of Robert Redford as he yells why Barry’s speed drawing looks like “Noodle Hitler”:

This clip featuring Amy Poehler exhibits Eichner’s debilitating fears about the commercialization of Christmas:

Here, Billy intellectually ruminates on race relations in America by demanding that people name three white women:

Finally, Bill Eichner show strength and perseverance while screaming about the evils of Rachael Ray:

See? We’re gearing up for some quality TV.