Will Ferrell, Adam McKay Developing Lizzy Caplan HBO Comedy

ALTLizzy Caplan, who had a terrific recurring spot on the first season of True Blood, may be returning to HBO to star in a comedy series the network is developing with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay‘s production company ‘Gary Sanchez’ (so named after a man Ferrell met at a car wash).  The series would be adapted from writer Julie Klausner’s memoir I Don’t Care About Your Band, a comedic look at the world of dating in your 20s, which recounts her experiences from her first sexual awakenings through the motley cast of characters she slept with in her 20s.  The project is being eyed as a starring vehicle for Caplan, who is recently unemployed after the cancellation of Starz’ Party Down.

Owen Burke of Gary Sanchez brought the project to Jessica Elbaum, who executive produced Farrell’s recent You’re Welcome America HBO special.  She has been developing the project with Caplan.

It’s far too soon to say anything else about this project, but I hear Klausner’s memoir is hilarious, and I love Lizzy Caplan in most anything.  Plus Will Ferrell is involved!  I give HBO and I Don’t Care About Your Band my blessing.