Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell and More Read Tweets About Themselves on ‘Kimmel’

Will FerrellTwitter is a wonderful thing. Never before have celebrities been so accessible to the common man. You can profess your appreciation for their work or try to instigate the friendship you’ve dreamed about since childhood, or, most likely, tell them how much you hate them.

March 21 marked Twitter’s sixth birthday and in honor of the anniversary, Jimmy Kimmel gathered a bunch of celebrities to read the most memorable Tweets they have received from fans…and all of them were viciously, graphically and tear-inspiringly mean. Celebs like Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell, Joel McHale, Louis CK, Anna Faris, Will Arnett and more took on the particularly upsetting task of publicizing just how much some people out there hate them.

It may have been funny last time Kristen Bell cried hysterically, but this is just heartbreaking.