Will Ferrell Shaves Conan’s Beard: Late Last Night

Will Ferrell did it! He finally did it! Last night, after threatening and threatening over the past month to remove Conan’s beard, Ferrell followed up on his word last night and chopped it all off. Unfortunately for Conan though, I don’t think Ferrell’s ever shaved anyone before in his life — either that, or it was all the blue water he drank.

Brian Williams chatted with David Letterman about when and how he learned about Osama Bin Laden’s death. Turns out, he was notified by the White House because, apparently, he’s kind of an important figure when it comes to news.

Judd Apatow talked with Jimmy Fallon about yacht rock and how nobody actually knows the words to any yacht rock songs; everybody just hums along with their Kermit-style voice, hoping to grab a syllable or two.

Paul Walker stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and chatted about cars because, well, that’s apparently all Paul Walkers existence has come to be: cars. Well, and saying “bro” way too many times all of his movies.