Will Forte Is Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’

will forteDave Itzkoff from The New York Times reported this afternoon that Will Forte will not be returning to SNL in the fall. WHY DOES EVERYONE ABANDON KRISTEN WIIG AND INSIST SHE ACT ALONE IN THE ENDEAVOR TO KEEP SKETCH COMEDY ALIVE?

A representative for Forte, who portrayed Will Ferrell’s Bon Jovi cover band partner and questioningly survived in all the MacGyver-inspired dilemmas, emailed Itzkoff and extended Forte’s appreciation for Lorne Michaels’ kindness and to the rest of the cast for the experiences. He concluded with, “Will has made the decision to move on from SNL to pursue new opportunities.” Yeah, more like starting his own “Weekend Update” segment and working to prove the bits where he just sings in falsetto about nothing are funnier than Seth Meyers‘ jokes about black, chubby squirrels in Peru.

NBC tried to pull a fast one on us by declining to indicate whether they were planning on hiring more newbies, who’d be terrible the first few months and then accidentally drop the F-bomb and burst into our graces. The good thing is this certainly isn’t goodbye entirely: Forte still appears on 30 Rock every now and then as Jenna’s transvestite boyfriend, and I’m told he’s done something for The Cleveland Show, but I’m choosing to not acknowledge the latter too much. He will be missed, and we’re definitely upset that the time between the musical guest’s two performances just got a little more unpleasant.

Source: NYT