Will Forte to Appear on ‘Up All Night’

Will ForteNBC’s new series, Up All Night (starring Christina Applegate and the unstoppable Will Arnett as a pair of new parents) may seem like just another run-of-the-mill family sitcom. However, it has a very special hook: Lorne Michaels. Now, just because the creator of Saturday Night Live is on board, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every one of our favorite former and current SNL castmembers will, at a moment’s notice, show up to grace the comedy with guest appearances. But that’s probably what’s going to happen. First on the lineup: Will Forte.

The irrepressibly congenial Forte was a Saturday Night Live castmember for eight years, and was one of the show’s funniest during that time. In Up All Night, he will play a new father and foil to the stressed-out character Arnett is touting. Forte will be a relaxed stay-at-home dad and surfer whose unflappable mentality, one can guess, will get under Arnett’s skin.

In addition to Forte’s appearance in the fourth episode of the series, Maya Rudolph will play an ever-increasingly large role as Applegate’s boss, much to society’s pleasure. At this rate, can we hope to see a Samberg? A Wiig? Maybe even… a Fey? Please, Lorne. Do this for us.

Source: Vulture

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