Will ‘Supernatural’ Regain Its Mojo?

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Supernatural is beginning its eighth season this October and the big question in my mind is: Is it going to get things right? The last we saw of it, the vast, vast, vast majority of angels had lost their grace and were plummeting to Earth while Dean and Sam could only look on in stunned silence. Misha Collins’ Castiel, who had been recently bestowed series regular honors, is one of those now likely powerless angels on Earth. Will the show get off its track of its characters either immersed in self-pity or outright lying to each other?

Jared Padalecki‘s Sam is the one who was feeling quite sorry for himself last season, weighing down the show with what seemed like interminable flashbacks about a love that he found and then lost while Jensen Ackles‘ Dean was busy trying to survive in Purgatory.It got to the point where I was clenching my teeth when it became obvious they were going to do another one.

The thing that has always irritated me during the later seasons is the secrets the brothers keep from each other. Of course, it leads to something bad and one of them yelling at the other, “This almost ended the world! No more secrets!” Then it’s like they get hit by the amnesia machine and DO IT AGAIN. I know that as seasons go by, things can get creatively stagnant. But I have hopes that this season will be a more refreshing one: the deus ex machina powers that the angels possess are gone, so maybe it’ll be different.

What I’m hoping for is character development in both Dean and Sam. Dean has seemingly got it into his brain that he’s nothing but a dumb grunt and that Sam has some vast intellect. (Guess who does the majority of the dumb things on the show, though. Go ahead, guess.) Sam has to get out of the whole self-pity mode.. and also let himself and his brother grow. They both have this weird symbiosis where one has to try to bring the other back down so they can be together rather than live separate lives.

I know that this show has some rabid fans, so arguing these points with them can be rather futile. I’ll still be there watching the season premiere, so please put away those pitchforks. Leave them for the demons and devils on the show.

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