Will There Actually Be Wedding Bells on ‘Castle’?

Castle, Nathan Fillion and Stana KaticABC Television Network

Right now, Richard Castle and and Kate Beckett are engaged to be married on Castle. They are planning their wedding while also solving crimes and getting into precarious situations. The biggest unsolved mystery seems to be whether these two will actually make it to the altar. Will everyone’s hopes be dashed once again? By this point, fans have had the football yanked away about 800 times. The show has teased, taunted, prodded, and practically kicked up with innuendo only to back up each time and now that they have finally united them. But sadly, I’m afraid we might see them split once more. Here’s three possibilities:

1) Beckett Puts Up Her Walls Again

I know that she’s sworn up and down that she’s going to stop with the whole “secrets” thing with Castle, but the woman laid down more bricks than the Great Wall of China. There’s going to be another time when she shuts her feelings down. I just hope that it’s not the day of the wedding, or someday close to it. But there will undoubtedly be some drama up ahead.

2) Castle Does Something Really, Really Dumb

In the Castle universe, Beckett closes off her feelings and Castle acts too quickly on them, often doing impulsive things without bothering to check how it might impact others. That’s trouble enough if you’re single. If you’re married or engaged, even worse. Let’s just hope that several decades from now, he isn’t hosting his own talk show and seeking wife No. 10. I could see him doing something so dumb that it goes way beyond the mere eye-rolling reaction and stern talking-to that it usually elicits. So yeah, it would stink if the wedding was called off because of that.

3) Something Bad Happens to Alexis or Martha

So far, the engagement has withstood Castle’s daughter being kidnapped half a world away, but if there were something more… final to happen to either Alexis or Martha, it’d be hard for the wedding to move forward. Never mind the wedding! If either character were to exit permanently, the show itself would really suffer, since both of them serve to also ground Castle and give him perspective in any of his own troubles. Were this to happen, I think it would be fatal for the show itself.