Will We Meet the Mother on the ‘HIMYM’ Season Finale?

How I Met Your MotherSo we knew that this season of How I Met Your Mother would end with a wedding. We weren’t sure whose wedding it would be and we were all wondering if the mother would finally make an appearance at said wedding. Well, the answer folks, is no. We will not see the mother.

But why? We’ll see the wedding and she’s supposed to be there! Well, it’s because the wedding is actually happening one year from the show’s present time. Also, we’ll only see a small clip of the wedding. The scene will be prep for the impending nuptials and we’ll find out who makes up one half of the future married couple. That’s all we’ll get.

All this does is set us up for the next season, or two, of events leading up to this wedding. The good thing is that we’ll find out one small fraction of the whole mystery so we can fret about it all summer. Exciting, right?

The season finale airs May 16 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Source: EW