Would Heisenberg Pay $200 For A ‘Breaking Bad’ Collection?

Breaking BadAMC

Breaking Bad is over, but in November, they will be releasing a DVD collection on Nov. 26 (Jesse Pinkman would say, “Be thankful for that, b—–s!”) . It’s going to be in a super cool steel drum and it’s chock-full of extras, including a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, and it’s probably got 8 billion hours of extra features. It will sell for over $200. That final thing makes it not quite so cool.

I love Breaking Bad and will watch Bryan Cranston‘s masterful portrayal of Walter White’s transformation several times. While admittedly a latecomer to the series, I became hooked after the third season.That said…over $200 for an entire DVD collection? I think my wallet just cried to me.

Vince Gilligan submitted one of the masterpieces of modern television and its definitely one worth viewing over and over. The problem is that the market has become incredibly competitive, especially with streaming on the computer or wireless television becoming as ubiquitous as it is. If I want to, I can watch all the episodes on Amazon.com or wait a little bit for them to air on Netflix. I’d have to decide if the extras are worth the additional $190 or so I would be paying vs. just $10 for a monthly stream.

On one hand, streaming is great, but on the other hand, one is at the mercy of their Internet provider. It is kind of annoying to be watching a show and then suddenly have it hiccup as it’s buffering. You also have to be very careful with DVDs, especially if there are young kids or pets that like to put shiny things in their mouths or play with them. They don’t care how much Mommy or Daddy paid for something. They just want to play. Dealing with a scratched DVD is not fun either and having to wait for a replacement copy can be quite aggravating.

Sure, there will be completists who have to own everything possible about Breaking Bad and this will make a very nice trophy for them. They are probably single or have jobs that afford them quite a bit of disposable income. I know that if I bought it without asking my wife, I’d get a very stern look from her.

I’ll only buy this if it comes with a real lottery ticket acting as GPS coordinates and a shovel.