‘X Factor’: Diamond White, Emblem3, Tate Stevens and More Talk Britney, Tattoos and Stripping


Nobody puts CeCe Frey in a corner… actually, Simon Cowell (and L.A. Reid) do very frequently. The feisty blonde may have not shown a single sign of distress after the X Factor honcho told her to “pack a suitcase,” but Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony showed all of her cards when she bawled her eyes after a performance dedicated to her late grandfather (anyone have a tissue?). Meanwhile, the invasion of the body snatchers continued this week with Carly Rose Sonenclar, while Tate Stevens gave a rare shaking to his moneymaker, and teenage girls continued their pursuit of getting their hands on Emblem3 (take a number, ladies!) And Britney Spears brought her own dose of X Factorpremiering a snippet of her new music video “Scream & Shout” alongside will.i.am —which further reminded America that she’s still “Britney, bitch.”

After the show, Hollywood.com chit-chatted with the top 8 contestants to talk about their performances of No. 1 songs, which some admitted may not have been their best one yet (golf clap for the honesty). Diamond White dished on her beloved mentor’s Britastic facial expression during the video’s premiere (it’s safe to assume she thinks it’s “amazing”), while Tate Stevens discussed striving for the number one spot — and OMG, Emblem3 discussed the struggle to keep their clothes on onstage. In the famous words of the rap star Nelly – it’s getting hot in here. (So take off all your clothes?) Check out what they had to say below:

Tate Stevens, on performing with his guitar: 

Tate: “In the shows I do, I always have my guitar on. I’ll play it, I’ll walk around a little bit, whatever. But just having it tonight is like having a security blanket. It’s that comforting feeling that I can just grab it. It’s something that felt good.” On competing with Vino in the top three: 
Tate: “We’re the old guys. We’ve got to stick together! Everyone else is young and exciting! L.A. [Reid] might say something to him to help push him, but L.A. always encourages me to be number one. Vino’s a great dude, and I think he’s super talented. We support each other — but I want to be number one, and LA encourages that.” Vino Alan, on not wearing his signature headgear: Vino: “I went down kicking and fighting a little bit to take it off… But also, this is me. I thought it was wild, because I’m doing an old ass song, and [viewers would] see [these tattoos], and would be distracted. I want [them] to focus on the song and not — what is that on his head?” Enblem3, on getting mobbed at The Grove: Keaton Stromberg:“It was crazy to see people that excited!” Wesley Stromberg: “It started out normal. We were just taking pictures, writing autographs, and then all of a sudden it turned into 200 girls mobbing us and then chasing us!” Keaton: “I was kind of scared honestly. There were a lot more of them than us! It was crazy.” Wesley: “When the security came up and said, ‘Okay guys, we’ve got to move you out of here,’ we knew it was something crazy.” Drew Chadwick: [The guard said] “‘Just get out. There is too many of them.’ We were booking it, sprinting, and they were sprinting behind us.” Keaton: “They were all sprinting behind us in a mob.” Drew: “A mob of 15-year-old girls chasing us down like a herd of antelopes! It was insane.” On scoring phone numbers from fans at the incident: Keaton: “I got a few actually!” Wesley: “This kid has like seven girlfriends!” On using the numbers he was given: Keaton: “Maybe… I’m a little scared about giving out my number. I might use an app that changes my number… I don’t know. I’d have to meet them, and see if they were cool first.” On Drew ripping his jacket off post-performance: Drew: “Onstage it’s too hot! I can’t stand it! I had this bad as jean vest on before, it was denim and it felt like I was in the ‘90s. I love feeling like I’m in the ‘90s, that is my era, but Simon wasn’t feeling it, and said put a jacket on. So I was like, sure, I’ll do the whole thing. But then I was like, [I need to] get this thing off me as soon as I can. It was like suction around my arms! It felt like it was bruising them.” Diamond White, on Britney’s facial expression after “Scream & Shout” premiered: Diamond: “It is really hard to watch yourself. I hate watching myself perform, because I find the weirdest things that I do just to be wrong. I’m the hardest person on myself. I always give myself the worst criticism. My brain just does not like me, but I think that I would have done the exact same thing [if given another chance]. I would have been nervous showing America the video, and just going out on stage as well because I hate watching my performances.” On Britney seeing herself in her contestants: Diamond: “I think she does. I think we are kids with a lot of talent, and [with] all of us, she saw something in us. And every week that is where she gets the song ideas from, because she sees what works for us. A person had to see that in her too, but I think that just us performing on stage and being the little young Britneys and the talented kids that we are makes her say, ‘Wow, I was once there, and look how awesome they are doing.’”
On aspiring to have her pop star career: 
Diamond: “Yeah, her career has been amazing! I would be happy with half that, but of course, I am going to strive for what she has — just the whole amazing career. Everyone loves her, Queen Britney. But I am definitely striving for her status right now.” CeCe Frye, on Simon telling her to pack her suitcase: CeCe: “I almost threw [the rose] right at him! No, no, no, no. I should have, but I gave it to Khloé instead. I should have just chucked that thing right at him.”
On dealing with her continuous foot injury: 
CeCe: “I’ve had a torn ligament in the ball of my foot since before I even started this show. It happened right before my first audition and I said, ‘Well, hell, I can’t stay off of this because I have to wear heels.’ I’m short. I’ve got to wear heels for this, so it never got to fully heal.” [PHOTO CREDIT: FOX] MORE: ‘The X Factor’ Recap: One is the Happiest Number X Factor Recap: Thanks(giving), But No Thanks ‘X Factor’ Contestants Emblem3, Jason Brock, and More Discuss Dating, Homophobia, and Demi

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