‘X Factor’ Finalist Rachel Crow Lands Nickelodeon Series

Rachel Crow X FactorFor those who suffered through 15-year-old Rachel Crow’s excruciating elimination on Fox’s The X Factor, it’s almost impossible to forget watching the young girl break down in a puddle of emotions as America’s votes revealed her X Factor journey was at its end. But now, the young could-be star is getting her shot – and her fans can breathe a sigh of relief. She need not cry any more, Crow now has a talent deal with Nickelodeon and her first gig is a recurring role on Fred: The Show

But the recurring role is just the beginning, as Nickelodeon is grooming her to star in her own musical sitcom pilot. And considering how she won over many a television viewer’s heart – possibly even more so after her dreams were dashed so cruelly in front of millions of people – it’s not a far stretch to think that she could arrest the attention of a Nickelodeon audience. And as if those news bits weren’t enough, the singer also snagged a record deal with Columbia Records in partnership with Simon Cowell’s Syco record label. Cowell served as Crow’s mentor on The X Factor, so it comes as no surprise that he has a hand in her potential success outside of the Fox series. 
True “Crowmies” (as the pint-sized singer calls her die-hard fans) knew ahead of time that today would hold a big announcement for the young singer. Last night she tweeted, “Night night to all my crowmies I love u and tomorrow is a special day lets chat in the morning sweet dreams,” and this morning, she added, “Good morning Crowmies so I finally get to share!! Were u all excited to hear about Nickelodeon and Columbia records? Cause I sure was.” In addition to her gracious, yet excited announcements, she also spent all morning replying to her doting fans on Twitter and thanking them for their support. So it seems that she’s not only completely adorable and a survivor of great adversity, but thankful and down-to-earth as well. This should serve her well on her seemingly rapid rise to fame.