Yes, That Was ‘Community’s’ Abed on ‘Cougar Town’ Last Night

Wow, these shows are doing the sitcom equivalent of making out in a very public place. Get a room already. Last night, on Cougar Town, we saw the realization of Abed’s big dream cameo that he explained in the My Dinner With Andre tribute episode of Community. That’s right. In this scene below, we find Abed, the student from Greendale Community College, sitting behind Busy Phillips and drinking what I’m going to assume is a very sugary latte. Of course, being that he’s Abed, he’s got his own storyline running in his head and rushes off at the end of the scene.

We must note that he’s wearing the same clothes from the My Dinner With Andre episode of Community, so I think it’s safe to assume this is meant to be the cameo he went on and on about on the NBC show. Is your head spinning yet? Well, maybe you weren’t listening. Anyway, here’s the visual proof. Enjoy the Abed-y goodness.

Source: Hulu