Zac Efron Bungee Jumps: Late Last Night

Zac Efron talked to Jay Leno about how he learned to sail for his new movie, where he loses his mind and talks to his dead brother and plays catch with m, but it’s really just with himself because the hands of a spirit cannot hold on to objects of matter. One day when he wasn’t filming he went bungee jumping, and he got in a lot of trouble for it with the director because he could have messed up his pretty face and his pretty body and then the movie wouldn’t have made any pretty money.

Then, Mentalist (capitalized “M” because I’m respectful) Lior Suchard showed off his abilities to Jay and Zac.

Jimmy Fallon talked to a real guy from the Jersey Shore, Zach Braff, about his quest to recite all his lines perfectly and acquire stickers.

Jimmy also spoke to Jermaine Clement and he talked about how awesome he is in Dinner for Schmucks.

Steve Carell

played the fife for Letterman, which is actually pretty cool because I know a girl whose last name is Fife, so she’s probably walking around today saying “Steve Carell played me last night on Letterman,” and I am jealous because a “Lawrence” is usually just a kitty.

And Steve also prepared an awesome diorama for the show. Yes, better than the one you did in second grade about Norway’s endless nights.