Zach Galfianakis Runs Around Naked On His Farm: Late Last Night

Life is better with Zach Galifianakis popping up all over the place. In his latest bout of awesomeness, he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live where he was mauled by “Snorki” with the help of her step-ladder before he set up a vivid mental image of him stark-naked, drinking moonshine, and riding around a weed farm on his pet giraffe. Viewer beware: I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.


After her alleged affectionate attack on Mr. Galfianakis, Snooki (milk that fame while you still can, honey) faced her accuser and took a moment to remind Jimmy of the meaning of DTF and explain why Angelina’s been evicted from the next season of Jersey Shore.


NBC is getting a little incestuous or at least a little too obvious with their self-promotion. Last night, NBC darlings Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon, where Poehler promoted not one, but two NBC shows; SNL and Parks and Recreation. Even though that was a little much, I’ll forgive them, because it gave the two ladies a chance to make sweet musical love to each other with their rendition of “Tonight, I Celebrate My Love.”

James Franco (so dreamy) took time out of his busy college schedule to chat with David Letterman about his Allen Ginsberg biopic, life at NYU, and talking dirty with his professor. Hello, Mrs. Robinson.