Zachary Quinto Returning to ‘American Horror Story’

Zachary QuintoPolarizing as it was, the first season of American Horror Story was unlike anything audiences have seen on television recently. To maintain this void of familiarity, the FX series’ upcoming second season is changing things up entirely. That means the show will be embracing a new setting, new characters and a whole new story. But there will be something AHS fans will recognize: the cast. Although their characters will all be completely different, several of the actors and actresses from Season 1 will be returning to the show once it comes back to FX. has learned that one of the returning players will be Zachary Quinto, who will be upgraded to a series regular.

On the first season, Quinto played former owner of the Death House who, along with his partner Patrick, met unfortunate ends. It has yet to be reported what sort of role Quinto will play in Season 2, but the inclusion of him alone is exciting enough. Quinto’s return to the series follows that of Jessica Lange, whose role throughout Season 1 was one of the most dynamic aspects of the program.
Series creator Ryan Murphy has not revealed any of the details about Season 2, but he does insist that a secret hint lies in the Season 1 finale.
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