‘Zombie Attack’ Emergency Alert Warns of Real Walking Dead: Would You Believe It?

Walking Dead Zombies Attack

“The bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living,” warned the Emergency Alert System on Montana station KRTV. “Do not attempt to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are considered extremely dangerous.” 

The bizarre zombie attack message — which also hit TV and radio stations in California, Michigan, and New Mexico last week — certainly raised eyebrows and no doubt sent throngs of doomsday preppers running to their shelters.

Now, authorities are blaming the hoax on some clever zombie-loving hackers and weak passwords. In fact, the ordeal has sparked a full-scale investigation by broadcasters after the FCC issued a serious warning to stations to promptly change their Emergency Alert passwords (“ABC123” is not cutting it anymore, guys).  

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But some experts are warning to brace yourself for more of these zombie attack alerts. Mike Davis, a hardware expert at the computer security biz, told Reuters that by using Google he was able to find 30 alert systems across the U.S. that were vulnerable to attack.

It brings up a good question: if you heard this alert, would you believe it? In the event of a real attack and looming apocalypse, will it be all “The Boy Who Cried Zombie” and no one will listen? And where’s The Walking Dead’s Grimes Gang when you need them? 

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