Zombies Attack NYC to Protest AMC’s Drop from DISH — VIDEO

zombies AMC DISH NetworkThe people of New York City discovered the hard way what a world without AMC on DISH Network would look like: ful of zombies. Zombie chaos born from attempted zombie normalcy! The crew of the undead were sent shuffling (and decaying!) about the city in protest against DISH Network after they dropped AMC from its offerings.

Watching the video (below) shows folks looking on in a frightened and confused manner, with some even scooting away in terror. And their point? To remind everyone of where zombies really belong: on your TV, of course! Not in Times Square (well, maybe in Times Square). The message cleverly shows a zombie dragging away a DISH satellite at the end to further illustrate the point.

What do you think about the zombie experiment? Did you run into them on the street? Do you think this will help change the minds of DISH executives to bring AMC back to the cable provider? Sound off in the comments!

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