Zooey Deschanel Eying ‘Chicks And Dicks?’

Zooey DeschanelOkay, so that title is misleading. The comedy pilot from Fox and Liz Meriweather (who wrote No Strings Attached – thanks a lot lady) was called Chicks and Dicks but it’s reverted back to being untitled, but still it’s a good headline, no?

Anyway, Zooey Deschanel is in talks for the lead role that would have her exploring the sexual politics between men and women. It’s a subject that I’m sure the previous three thousand years of recorded history (including, but not limited to Egyptian hieroglyphics, Shakespeare, and the entire genre of Reality TV) failed to adequately cover. Deschanel would play an elementary school teacher that moves in with three dudes. Whether or not this would actually happen — she’d be stepping away from a solid film career — the image of Deschanel as an elementary school teacher is so absolutely adorable I need an insulin shot.

Source: Deadline