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Staff Writer Alicia Lutes is a corgi enthusiast from Connecticut living in Los Angeles. She loves Tina Fey, television, ugly things and really money cheese plates. Growing up, her grandfather frequently said, "you’re so god-damned good with words! You should do something with words with your life!" so she made it her quest to plaster her wordy witticisms across the Internet. She looks forward to retiring at the age of 80 and opening a fromagerie with a small army of wrinkly-faced and stumpy-legged dogs.
  • Harrison Ford Joins 'Anchorman 2,' Which We Now Hope Is a 'Morning Glory' Sequel
    By: Alicia Lutes Mar 04, 2013
    Good morning, San Diego! Do you hear those loud noises? Is the smell of rich mahogony wafting across your shores once again? All good things, as the sights and sounds of greatness are descending upon your fair city once more.This time, however, Harrison Ford is joining in on the fun. Indeed, the esteemed actor is joining the cast of the upcoming Anchorman 2 (currently known as Anchorman: The Legend Continues). By the beard of Zeus! (Or in this case, Han Solo.) Who knew Morning Glory would start a trend in Ford's career, eh? RELATED: Anchorman 2: The Newsroom with Musical Numbers? According to THR, Ford's part is said to be that of an iconic and widely-respected newsman (think Walter Cronkite) — someone who is sure to be both a hero and a jealousy-inducing entity for Rob Burgundy (also known as Will Ferrell). No word on how large his role is or how his character fits in, but it's safe to say that you'll be laughing it up, fuzzball. Ford joins the already stacked cast, which includes Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, Christina Applegate, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson, Ben Stiller, Kathryn Hahn, Chris Parnell, Jack Black, Fred Armisen, as well as fellow new kids on the block Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, Seth Rogen, and John C. Reilly (allegedly).  RELATED: Anchorman 2 Casts John C. Reilly, (or His Lookalike) Are you excited that Ford is joining the cast? Are you the one person on the planet holding out hope for a Morning Glory sequel? Let us know in the comments! Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes [Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures] From Our Partners:40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Jimi Hendrix's New Album Reminds Us Some Music Should Stay Unreleased
    By: Alicia Lutes Mar 04, 2013
    If there's anything the music industry loves more than a wildly successful artist — it's one who can be easily exploited post-mortem to rake in the obsessives' hard-earned dollar bills. So it's no surprise that creative powerhouse Jimi Hendrix has had yet another album put out featuring the b-sides, rarities, and musical doodads. This one — titled People, Hell & Angels — is just another instance of the music industry putting dollars ahead of sense; releasing music that the artists themselves probably didn't want digested by the public. Hence the whole "previously unreleased" thing. This, of course, got us thinking about how popular this formula has become to the industry: any time an influential artist passes away, it opens the floodgates for rereleases, reissues, commemorative editions, demos, b-sides, and all those tunes left on the cutting room floor. Which, it turns out, is often with good reason! Some things may actually be better left unheard — whether you're a fan or otherwise — because they end up hurting the artist's image rather than helping. And while People, Hell & Angels is certainly far from terrible, it does feel like either the Hendrix estate (or his record label, or both) were just looking for another way to cash in on his legacy. But they're not the only ones. Check out some posthumously-released tracks that we feel do a bit more of a disservice than otherwise, below. RELATED: Ladies Save the Music Industry Jimi Hendrix: "Hey Gypsy Boy" An unsually sad and winding song from Hendrix feels like something the singer believed had potential, but wasn't totally as it's peak. It's a dream not yet realized. It isn't a bad song by any means, but it certainly doesn't add anything to our impression of him as a creative musical mastermind. Whitney Houston: "Never Give Up" This song is a melodic mess. Houston's vocals aren't as strong as they used to be, and coupled with Jermaine Dupri's awful rap intro, pathetically trivial lyrics, and general production quality guaranteed that this song would be a certified disasterpiece. The Beatles: "Free As a Bird" To even call this a Beatles' tune feels wrong, as it's more of a novelty mash-up than anything else. The song, originally written by John Lennon in 1977, was really just a combination of contributions from Paul, George, and Ringo. The only reason the song was released as a single in 1995 was to coincide with The Beatles Anthology.  Tupac Shakur : "The Power of A Smile" (featuring Bone Thugz 'n' Harmony) Tupac seems to have a new album come out every six minutes. So obviously his estate (and label) are staunch supporters of the "give fans everything and the kitchen sink regardless of quality" mentality. And so, not one but two (!!) albums of celebrities reading Shakur's poetry were released: The Rose That Grew From Concrete and The Rose, Vol. 2. This song is just one of many that had us wondering: do we really need to hear this? Really? RELATED: Is it OK to Like Chris Brown's Music? Nirvana: "Verse Chorus Verse (The Boombox Rehearsals)" Let's be real: Nirvana is an aggressive listening experience. But there's no arguing that Nevermind is one of the greatest albums to come out in the last 30 years. So when they released the box sets to coincide with the album's anniversary, many begged the question: do fans really want or need a boombox demo with poor production quality? Certainly doesn't make Kurt Cobain & Co.'s work all that fun to put on the headphones. Michael Jackson: "Song Groove (aka Abortion Papers)" I don't need to say anything about this song because IT IS A SONG ABOUT ABORTION and that's all you need to know. RELATED: Why Can't We Admit Frank Ocean's Performance Was Bad? What do you think of the new Hendrix album (and posthumous releases in general)? Forget any truly heinous songs? Let us know in the comments! Follow Alicia On Twitter @Alicialutes [Photo Credit: Mark Sharrat/Rex USA] From Our Partners:40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Fussy Follicle Foibles: 15 Moments of Unrealistic Movie Hair
    By: Alicia Lutes Mar 02, 2013
    It's a strife known the world over: hair rarely does what you want it to do. And when it does, those moments are few and far between — and in the blink of an eye, everything could come toppling down. Heat, humidity, movement: all of these things play a big part in the way we do or do not whip our hairs back and forth from day to day. So it's surprising when you see the studied perfection of locks locked in place (thanks to the incomparable work of cinema's finest hair and make-up men and women). Because even after the battles are over, nary a hair is out of place on a single hero's head. It's not only improbable, sometimes it's just ridiculous. RELATED: Jack The Giant Slayer Might Just Have the Right Amount of Nonsense In the high-octane, fast-paced world of most action films, a little bit of muss and fuss can go a long way in ensuring a bit more authenticity to a character's appearance. So when Nicholas Hoult of the upcoming film Jack The Giant Slayer told about what went into his mangy-looking mane, we were surprised at the lengths as which they went. "Funnily enough...trying to make my hair look like a swashbuckling hero [was] very time consuming," explained Hoult. "It was a whole thing to itself." RELATED: Jack to Slay the Weekend Box Office So we got to thinking: if this hair — which seems fairly realistic as an observer — is actually a bit unrealistic, what about all the other hair? All those lucious locks and flowing strands pop up in many a movie without so much as a second glance to whether or not they're entirely realistic. So we've decided to break it down for you, and take a look at some of the most unrealistic hair in movies. See for yourself! GALLERY: 15 Unrealistic Movie Hairdos Follow Alicia On Twitter @Alicialutes From Our Partners:40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 'Doctor Who' Gets Premiere Date, Earth-Shattering New Companion Photo
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 28, 2013
    Grab your nicest bowtie (because we all know bowties are cool), charge up the sonic screwdriver, and put on your Saturday's best, because Doctor Who will be traveling through time and space to land on your television screens starting March 30, 2013. Run to your nearest television and turn on BBC America, you clever boys [and girls]! The above image hints at what is sure to be a blockbuster of an upcoming season, and shows a modern-day London getting smashed through by a motorcycle-riding Doctor and newest companion — the girl who shouldn't exist! — Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman). Take a closer look at those shards of glass, because they, too, tell a story: enemies from the Doctors' past, present, and future! I smell a bit of symbolism in this soufflé. Following a frenzied and exciting first half of Season 7, the second half is sure to be a walloper, given that 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Britsh series. According to a press release from the BBC, the first new episode sees the eleventh doctor (played by Matt Smith) returning to modern day after a brief stint in the past, where we are re-introduced to new companion Clara Oswin Oswald. Written by head writer/executive producer Steven Moffat, "The Bells of St. John" is said to introduce a brand new nemsis to the world of The Doctor: the intriguingly-named Spoonheads (who probably have very little to do with The Coneheads). Our fair Doctor discovers said evildoers in the midst of unveiling that there's "something sinister lurking in the Wi-Fi." (Because of course there is!) RELATED: Doctor Who Himself to Star in Ryan Gosling Film There will be eight new episodes total in the second half of season 7, with the highly-anticipated return of writer Neil Gaiman to the Whoniverse. New adversaries and familiar friends abound as Clara and the Doctor journey from the bottom of the ocean to the center of the TARDIS — and beyond.  There will be Cyberman (rumored to be included in the episode penned by Gaiman), Ice Warriors, haunted houses, and alien worlds. The Cybermen make "a thunderous return," and the Ice Warriors arrive in "an unexpected place" — all leading up to the (hopeful) answer of the First Question: Doctor WHO? Book your tickets to Trenzalore now, because methinks we're going. According to Moffatt, all bets are off. "It's the 50th year of Doctor Who and look what's going on! We're up in the sky and under the sea! We're running round the rings of an alien world and then a haunted house. There's new Cybermen, new Ice Warriors and a never before attempted journey to the centre of the TARDIS. And in the finale, the Doctor's greatest secret will at last be revealed! If this wasn't already our most exciting year it would be anyway!" Don't threaten us with a good time, Moffatt — we're not Cybermen, our brains can't handle such emotion.  RELATED: Next Doctor Who Could (and Should) Be a Woman Doctor Who premieres Saturday, March 30, at 8 PM ET/PT on BBC America. Will you be tuning in, or are you some sort of Dalek we're going to have to exterminate? Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes [Photo Credit: BBC] From Our Partners: Kate Upton Bares All In Body Paint (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Gary Oldman to Lead the Resistance at the 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes'
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 28, 2013
    We aren't monkeying around: incredibly versatile and well-respected actor Gary Oldman is about to go apes**t on a bunch of, well, apes. That's right, Commissioner Gordon himself has been tapped to lead the human resistance forces in the follow-up to 2011's successful reboot, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It's called — shockingly enough — Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The sequel follows the aftermath of a plague hell-bent on wiping out all of humanity. As group of scientists in San Francisco struggle to stay alive, head ape Caesar (Andy Serkis) attempts to maintain dominance over his merry band of intelligent apes. And let me tell you, it's prime[mate] time this chimp got the respect he deserves.  RELATED: Gary Oldman Bringing More Gravitas to Blockbusters Matt Reeves is slated to direct the sequel, which will see Oldman play a character named Dreyfus: the leader of the human resistance as mankind struggles to stay alive in the face of civilization's end. The film already has a release date, but don't get too excited: it's not slated to hit theaters until May 23, 2014. A rep for Oldman could not be reached for comment at the time of publication. It's hard out here for a chimp! What do you think of Oldman's casting? Excited for the sequel? Let us know in the comments. [Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/WENN] Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes From Our Partners: Kate Upton Bares All In Body Paint (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Honey Boo Boo's Girl Scout Cookie Facebook Scheme Shut Down
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 28, 2013
    Oh snap, crackle, thin mint! Honey Boo Boo has been known to holla for many a thing, but it seems like this go-around, it's the Girls Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA for short) that are doing the hollering. And it's not for any good reason. RELATED: What Happens When Reality Bites Back at Honey Boo Boo Seems that Ms. Boo Boo (Alana Thompson for you purists out there) tried to leverage her fame for cookie fortune. In the hopes of helping out a family friend, Thompson took to her Facebook page to peddle America's Favorite Addiction — Girl Scout cookies — to the masses of fans (more than 701,000 of them) that follow her on the site. Man, what a way to learn the valuable lessons of hard work, determination, social interaction, and general business savvy. Only not really because it's not exactly allowed. According to TMZ, the GSUSA explained that online selling of their prized goods is off-limits, as it completely defeats the whole purpose of selling the cookies face-to-face in the first place. Woops! has reached out for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication. RELATED: You Don't Know Boo — A Thanksgiving Special Thompson and her family were forced to take their advertisement for cookie sales (complete with an autographed box from the whole Honey Boo Boo gang!) offline, but it seems that fans who were quick to order the cookies were successful in achieving their cookie-and-autograph dreams. Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes [Photo Credit: FameFlynet] From Our Partners: Kate Upton Bares All In Body Paint (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Bradley Cooper to Remake German Hit 'Kokowääh'
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 27, 2013
    Not taking too long to rest on his Oscar-nominated laurels, Bradley Cooper has signed on to remake the 2011 German hit relationship dramedy film Kokowääh for American audiences. Similar to the German version (of which there was a sequel released on February 13, 2013), the American take will focus on the relationship of two men named Henry and Trevor. The former is a footloose and fancy-free bachelor playboy type, while the latter a devoted husband and father. Things in their relationship are complicated by the revelation that Trevor's 8-year-old daughter Maddy may be the result of a one-night-stand between Henry and Trevor's wife. TWIST! The emotional family comedy was the highest grossing film for all of 2011 — a point that the film's studio, Warner Brothers, was probably delighted to hear. And for those wondering, the film's name (Kokowääh) is the resulting sound from when a German who's French might be a little rusty tries to order the über-French classic dish, coq au vin. So maybe the American version will be called Cokeavan? (Think about it, Cooper.) RELATED: Bradley Cooper Beats the S**t Out of Zach Galifinakis But Cooper may not simply be acting in the film — he's already taken on a producer role (thanks to his collaboration with Warner Brothers under his company 22nd & Indiana) — according to Deadline, who first reported the story, Cooper may end up in the director's chair as well. Not a bad project to line up! Of course, Cooper's plate seems to already be chock-a-block with interesting new projects, including two with his Silver Linings Playbook conspirators David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence. has reached out for comment, but did not hear back at the time of publication.  [Image Credit: FameFlynet] Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes From Our Partners:40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Lindsay Lohan, Get Your S**t Together Before Mentoring Young Girls
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 27, 2013
      Somebody needs to sit Lindsay Lohan down and tell her a basic life truth: she should not (I repeat: NOT) ever try to be a role model. To anyone. Ever. Because homegirl clearly has a personal issue or two (or thirty) she needs to take care of before she starts doling out advice to other people. Lohan's irresponsibility is so plainly associated with her person, that it could practically be written in the constitution. We hold these truths to be self-evident, but clearly Lohan didn't get the memo. So let's just put it plainly: you are in no condition to be telling people how to live a life, girl. Not until you learn how to exist outside of the veritable smörgåsbord of poor life decisions you have become. So color us shocked to read in Us Weekly that Lohan might be teaming up with a charitable foundation in order to help mentor young girls! You know, those wildly impressionable, easily misguided youths who will ultimately grow up to become our nation's future. Really? What, was Amanda Bynes not available? RELATED: All The Insane Things Lindsay Lohan Did on The Canyons Set According to Us Weekly, Lohan is currently in talks to spend time at Trinity Athletics, a gym that helps underprivileged girls in Johns Creek, Georgia. Her hope is to have the whole mentorship thing (because mentoring is totally like a one or two hour commitment, right?) go down before March 18 (the date of her hearing for three pending charges, including lying to the police), which: how convenient! Nothing about that smacks of divisive manipulation. No, there's no way this could all just be a show of smoke and mirrors to try and distract the judge into dismissing your charges, right? Lohan cares! About the future! And not just her own or something! Ugh. But don't lose all hope for humanity quite yet, because according to Trinity Athletics' owner Cori Davenport, Lohan's involvement has yet to be confirmed. However, Davenport seems to be far more forgiving of Lohan's unending public foibles than the rest of us, as she "believe[s] everyone deserves a second chance, and everyone makes mistakes," and also "applaud[s] Ms. Lohan for wanting to make a difference in people's lives, especially young girls so they don't take the same road she has." Which, to be sure, would be commendable — if Lohan even had an ounce of self-awareness that wasn't clouded by her massive victim complex. RELATED: Lindsay Lohan Loses Her Lawsuit Against Pitbull Lohan's mistakes are exactly the point. They may be in her past(ish), but she hasn't learned from them yet — if the New York Times' piece about The Canyons proved anything at all, it's that. And to truly understand the depths of her own indescretions, Lohan needs to find someone she can trust to give her the real talk she so desperately needs. A life coach, a friend — maybe, (dare we say it!) someone who isn't on her payroll. You can deposit real talk in exchange for reality checks pretty easily these days. Find a mentor, don't become one, girl. That's the truly commendable thing to do here.  In the end, not all press is good press — and sometimes even good press can backfire. So please, Lohan, we beg of you: get your ever-loving s**t together before you even so much as tHINK about trying to help others. Seriously. [Photo Credit: Fame Flynet] Follow Alicia On Twitter @Alicialutes From Our Partners:25 Most Scandalous Celeb Twitpics (Vh1)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • The Dos and Don'ts of Dating from 'The Mindy Project': Before Seth Rogen Gets Away
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 26, 2013
    Oh, young love — such sweet, romanticized feelings! Everything back then was so innocent, so experimental, so kosher for Passover. On Tuesday night's episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy Kaling's Dr. Lahiri reconnected with an old love from her Jewish Summer Camp days (it's way safer when you're with the Jews of the Appalachain Mountains), Sam Kleinfeld (played by the always delightful Seth Rogen). Sparks flew, arms were tattooed, and sex was had! It was a fairly productive day in the one-date-relationship of Mindy and Sam. RELATED: Seth Rogen Gets Campy on The Mindy Project Unfortunately for Mindy, Sam is an army man now (with that hair? really?) and admitted his return to Afghanistan was imminent: as in tomorrow. Which meant no time for dates with ice cream-eating giraffes or days spent napping on couches together! It did, however, leave time for a Nora Ephron double feature (You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle, natch), and some light home repairs. Only, all didn't go according to plan, and after a quick defenestration that left Sam with nothing more than a lightly-sprained wrist, Mindy was left alone. Again. At least he left a heartfelt note, right? For the rest of the staff at Schulman & Associates, life was fairly uneventful. Oh, except for that part where Dr. Castellano agreed to and then decided against being a sperm donor for one of his patients. All in a day's work, my friends! Dreams dreamed, and hopes dashed. But there was much to be learned from these lessons on love, so check out this week's dating tips courtesy of Mindy & Co. RELATED: The Dos and Don'ts of Dating When You Have a Minute 1.) Do Document Your Snacking Habits on Facebook — You never know when the love of your life will Like it, in turn setting off a chain of events that leads to your own happily ever after. 2.) Don't Be Afraid to Show Off — That Berlin Wall necklace is going to be worth millions someday! 3.) Do Go to Sleep-Away Camp — Jewish or otherwise. I mean, if you're still young enough to make that sort of thing happen. 4.) Don't Get Catfished — This is really more of a life rule than anything else. Also, don't Catfish! 5.) Don't Date 13 Year-Olds — Illegal, creepy, and a whole myriad of other icky no-nos. 6.) Do Support the Troops — They make it possible to buy all those army shirts from Urban Outfitters. 7.) Don't Eat Wraps — It's all about real sandwiches with real bread. 8.) Do Humor a Sperm Donor Request — It's the nice thing to do. 9.) Don't Try to Organically Ask About Significant Others — Just ask outright, it's really awkward to try to do it casually. 10.) Don't Knock Drug Stores — It's where the girl smell comes from. 11.) Don't Use Self-Checkout on A Date, or Any Other Time — The future is not now. Just bail. 12.) Don't Diss Nora Ephron — DON'T. EVER. RELATED: The Dos and Don'ts of Dating When it's Valentine's Day 13.) Do Love Tom Hanks — That's America's thing! 14.) Do Let Him Fix Things — It's OK to let a boy be a boy sometimes. 15.) Don't Let Him Nearly Die, Though — Accidentally falling out of a window might be one of my biggest fears. 16.) Don't Have Kids Just Because — It's a big responsibility to be a dad, whether you're just a sperm donor or an actual father figure. 17.) Don't Force It — They call 'em "the one that got away" for a reason. Even though — ohmygod he quoted a Nora Ephron movie he IS perfect! What did you think of this week's episode of The Mindy Project? Let us know in the comments! Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes From Our Partners:25 Most Scandalous Celeb Twitpics (Vh1)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Pack Your Bags for the New fun. Video — VIDEO
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 26, 2013
    Cheer up, buttercups! There's no reason to be sad Nate, Jack, and Andrew, when the music has left — because music, you see, will always find its way back to you. If you love something, set it free, and if it comes back to you it was truly yours all along, right? At least that is the moral of the story from the brand new "Why Am I The One" video from the dudes also known as fun.  The video plays with the line from the song "why am I the one always packing up my stuff?" and features the band wandering around looking sort of lost. But lo! What is this? Their suitcase (filled with something particularly appropriate for this merry band of musicmakers) is following them around! Desperately hoping for attention from its lost companions. In the end, the video seems to insinuate that the "right where I belong" is wherever their suitcase (and its contents) may lead them. Aww shucks, you guys! RELATED: Before They Were fun. Check out the video, below, and let us know in the comments what you think! Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes From Our Partners:25 Most Scandalous Celeb Twitpics (Vh1)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)