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  • New 'The Host' Trailer Proves Aliens are The New Vampires
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 14, 2013
    Do you like young adult romance but find vampires and zombies to be way too mainstream? Are you a fan of science fiction? Then look no further than The Twilight Saga author Stephenie Meyer's newest book-turned-movie, The Host. It's a love story, but with aliens! RELATED: 'The Host': Saoirse Ronan Does Own Stunts, Ain't Exactly Bella Swan The film tells the story of Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) and her parasitic alien-turned-buddy named Wanda as they form a bond and stop the aforementioned alien race from taking over the earth. Diane Kruger is also along for the ride (as one of the head-alien boss ladies, The Seeker) in what is sure to be a race against time and space!  Check out the new trailer, below. RELATED: 'The Host' 3 New Posters Focus on Free Will The Host takes over theaters on March 29, 2013. Will you be checking it out? Let us know in the comments! [Photo Credit: Open Road Films] Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes. From Our Partners: Kate Upton Bares All in Nothing But Body Paint: Video (Celebuzz) Bradley Cooper Dancing Is Surprisingly Awkward, Sweaty (Vh1) 
  • Lady Gaga Cancels World Tour for Hip Surgery
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 13, 2013
    Sometimes, when it rains, it really pours. And for Lady Gaga, that rain is pouring down pretty hard right now. Only a day after revealing she would have to postpone three shows, Gaga has been further sidelined by her injury — forced to cancel the remainder of the Born This Way Ball world tour in order to address her health concerns. Gaga told fans via Twitter that she was "completely devastated" to postpone the shows after being diagnosed with synovitis (an extreme inflammation of the joints). A total of 21 additional tour dates have now been chopped, in order for Mother Monster to receive proper medical care for her injured hip. RELATED: Get Free Counseling at Lady Gaga's Concert In a statement, LiveNation confirmed the news, explaining that "after additional tests this morning to review the severity of the issue, it has been determined that Lady Gaga has a labral tear of the right hip caused by strenuous repetitive movements in her performances." A labral tear sounds pretty painful to us: it involves the ring of soft elastic tissue (labrum) that rims the socket of your hip joints, allowing for the ball at the top of your thighbone to stay firmly in place. With a labral tear, your hip bone can "catch" and general pain. So don't expect a speedy recovery, as Gaga will likely need serious time to recover, followed by a bit of physical therapy.  While the extent of Gaga's injury is not fully known to fans, it seems as thought the issue has been going on for awhile, and that she's been trying to work through it, likely causing more damage. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. [Photo Credit: WENN] Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes From Our Partners: 'SI's 25 Sexiest Swimsuit Covers of All Time (Vh1) Pregnant Kate Middleton Bikini Pics Spark Palace Anger (Celebuzz)
  • Did Tierra from 'The Bachelor' Get Engaged?
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 13, 2013
    Some people (and by people, I mostly mean grandmothers) will tell you that when it comes to love, there's a top for every pot. And, apparently, even when you're one of the most hated contestants from ABC's The Bachelor, love can find you. And not just any kind of run-of-the-mill, we-met-at-a-bar-and-got-two-cats sort of love. No! But magical, romantic comedy done by Nancy Meyers type s**t. At least that is what Tierrable (aka Tierra LiCausi), the most recent castoff from the ABC reality series, will have you believe, as she recently maybe-sort-of announced her engagement via Instagram. The whole thing started on February 1st — 10 days before she would even be kicked off The Sean Lowe Shirtless Project — and only a few months after returning home from filming. LiCausi posted a picture of one of the more aggressively large engagement rings this writer has seen, sparking a flurry of questions. Did (god forbid) Sean give it to her? Was she engaged to someone else...already? Was it all a big publicity stunt to make her seem more normal? LiCausi has kept mum on the subject, though it (of course) hasn't stopped her from posting two additional pictures of the ring on the social networking site Instagram. Why? A way to prove its authenticity? RELATED: The Bachelor Recap: Never Let Them See You Sparkle Wetpaint got confirmation from her brother Tyler that the engagement was in fact a real thing, and his sister was so crazy in love just before she went to film the show that some dude decided to put a ring on it. "Tell us more!" dozens of ladies who watch the show screamed at their computers. Only...the younger LiCausi continued to ride his sister's vague parade, telling the outlet that he's "not sure [Tierra's fiancé] wants his name out there just yet." But nameless or not, LiCausi's brother went on to paint a dreamy little picture that oh-so-conveniently makes his sister look more normal than her on-camera desperation ploys painted her to be. "It's someone she had been seeing before the show," LiCausi's brother explained. The couple had dated for nearly "three or four years" and they lived together in Vegas (which, of course she lived in Vegas) until they had "a bad breakup" that ended with Tierrable packing her bags and running away to film The Bachelor — no doubt to mend her broken heart. But lo! A TWIST! Apparently "right after she left to film, though, he had a huge change of heart and wanted to get her back. The only problem was he couldn’t reach her. Her phone was turned off." Oh no! Not the phone! But our lovelorn hero of Tierra's heartspace would not be one to give up so easily. LiCausi continued, explaining that this mystery man "kept trying and trying, but he couldn’t get ahold of her. That’s when he called my parents, who told him what she was doing." RELATED: The Bachelor Recap: Winter is Coming. And it is Tierrable. Oh, what a fickle beast true love can be! But if you thought this story couldn't get more stereotypically rom-com, you'd be mistaken. LiCausi's brother's script continued, but the fires of love had been opened, so the next course of action was obviously an epic quest! One so ridiculous and over-the-top convenient that it has to be broken down into bullet points. - "When he found out she was filming The Bachelor, he did everything he could to try to get to her." (Oh, did he?!) - "He even called ABC to find out where she was filming so he could fly there." (Because I'm sure they just give that information out to anyone that calls.) -"He was literally on his way to St. Croix the day he finally reached her." (How convenient!) - "It turns out, that was the exact same day Sean let her go." (NO!) - "When Tierra got to the St. Croix airport, she was given her phone back. She turned it on and the first call she got was him — telling Tierra he was on his way." (How ROMANTIC.) - "She told him not to come, that she was on her way home to Denver." (Don't chase me is the travel equivalent of 'Look at me! Don't look at me! But seriously, look at me!') - "So instead of flying to St. Croix from Las Vegas, he flew to Colorado." (True love never listens!) - "They’ve been together ever since." (Happily ever after, no doubt) - "He picked up his whole life to move here for her."(Because people do that all the time!) And as for the epic and embarrassingly large ring that Tierra's fiancé just happened to be able to afford? Appropriately enough, LiCausi's brother described it as "kind of insane." And he also — of course — had all the specifications down to tell the reporter. "The main stone is a four-carat yellow diamond and it’s surrounded by a set of white diamonds." No wonder Tierrable thought Sean buying her a bunch of jewelry was first-date appropriate. RELATED: The Bachelor Recap: Sean Lowe and The Not-So-Happy-Campers — ever the skeptics when it comes to reality television stars — have reached out for comment from NZK Productions and ABC, but did not hear back at the time of publication.  Do you think the engagement is real? Could Tierrable really be faking it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! [Photo Credit: Instagram] Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes. From Our Partners: 'SI's 25 Sexiest Swimsuit Covers of All Time (Vh1) Pregnant Kate Middleton Bikini Pics Spark Palace Anger (Celebuzz)
  • Alec Baldwin and Wife Hilaria: Baby on Board!
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 12, 2013
    Everything's coming up baby for the cast of 30 Rock in the days following the series finale. First, Tracy Morgan announced that his fiancée Megan Wollover would be expecting their first child this summer. And now we can add Alec Baldwin to the list of former Kabletown employees prepping for diaper duty. Don't waste any time, guys, jeez! A rep for Alec and his new wife Hilaria Thomas Baldwin confirmed the news to, explaining that they're “so thrilled and we can’t wait to meet our baby.” RELATED: '30 Rock' Finale: Why It Was So Hard to Say Goodbye Of course, the next question is: will it be a boy or a girl? Baldwin already has one daughter (Ireland, 17, from his previous marriage to actress Kim Basinger), so a boy would certainly be a nice addition to his family (he'll be a total Baldwin!). But either way, thanks to his days as Harvard's own "Most," he's already got all the advice he needs for his future baby. If It's a Girl Baldwin has plenty of advice for any future little lady: whether she ends up a babe or... a Lemon. "My daughter... I am John Frances Donaghy. I am your father. If you have the blondness and self-esteem of your mother, you will need no advice; life will be easy for you. Otherwise, I'd like to introduce you to... Elizabeth Lemon." Thank goodness for Liz Lemon, who knows the real priorities for modern ladies: "Good afternoon, let's jump in. Every human has hair on his or her face, some of us just have more. I think it's nice to occasionally splurge on a straight razor shave. If you're running low on laundry a bathing suit makes perfectly acceptable underwear. Bandanas are a fun, sexy fashion accessory." RELATED: First Pics! See Gisele Bundchen's New Baby Girl If It's a Boy If the Baldwins have a boy, however, they're super in-the-clear. Donaghy made a video just for his future son — something that no doubt rings true for any future Baldwin family boys.  And perhaps the most important, universal life lesson of all, regardless of gender? "Put potato chips on a sandwich!" Wise words from the master of sandwiches herself. Want to know how the duo found out the happy news? Check out the video below. Mazels all around for the happy couple! [Photo Credit: Walter McBride/INFphoto] Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes From Our Partners: Pregnant Kate Middleton Bikini Pics Spark Palace Anger (Celebuzz) 50 Steamiest Movie Kisses of All Time (Moviefone)
  • Are Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z About to Suit and Tie Up for a Tour?
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 12, 2013
    Well, we knew it would happen...but we didn't know it would be like this! Turns out perma-heartthrob Justin Timberlake is a bit of a people-pleaser: he's heard the pleas of fans the world over, so he's decided to go on tour. At long last, the sexy is back. RELATED: Justin Timberlake Brings His 'Suit & Tie' in First Live Comeback Appearance But not just any tour: no, no, no. JT has tapped current bromance partner, Jay-Z, to join him on this stadium-filling tour which is slated to have between 10 and 13 stops (depending on who you read). According to the New York Post, Timberlake explained before the Grammy Awards that "we're definitely going to go on tour . . . I don't know how much I should say. . . . It's going to be a lot of fun, I know that." Now while the entire population of American twentysomething ladies (and lads) collectively lose their s**t over the news, it's important to note that none of this is solidified yet — negotiations can be tricky! — but it seems safe to assume that Timberlake and Jay-Z's tour will be one of the hottest tickets around. Perhaps exclipsed only by Mrs. Carter herself, Beyoncé and the monsterous world tour she has planned to cement her place as Queen of Everything. RELATED: Beyoncé vs. Justin Timberlake: Who's Got Better Music Industry Game? What do you think about a Justin Timberlake/Jay-Z tour collaboration? Let us know in the comments! [Photo Credit: Todd Williamson/Invision/AP Photo] Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes. From Our Partners: 40 Hottest Celeb Twitpics of the Month (Vh1) 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue: A Visual History (Celebuzz) From Our Partners: Pregnant Kate Middleton Bikini Pics Spark Palace Anger (Celebuzz) 50 Steamiest Movie Kisses of All Time (Moviefone)
  • 'The Bachelor' Recap: Never Let Them See You Sparkle
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 11, 2013
    Well, America. It is done. Everything that you have waited for: all the hoping, the cursing, the wishing — it's all lead to this moment. And for that we have to thank not Sean Lowe, but Shay, his sister. Tierrable is gone. And it was good. It's all anyone can talk about! Sure, AshLee and her confusingly-capitalized name share part of the glory on this one. And I guess Sean, too, for finally cutting what could've been his Ben Flajnik-sized noose, but the real hero tonight was undoubtedly Shay. Shay, who Sean so looks up to and admires. Shay, with the blondest of locks and the happiest of families — she has everything Sean has ever wanted, and so he knows he can trust her. Let's face it: she was probably the only one who could've broken the cursed spell that Tierrable had placed upon our fair suitor.  Boys, if you learned anything from watching this episode (with your wife or girlfriend or sister, obviously wink wink nudge nudge), it's this: always listen to your sister. Always. No matter what. Because sisters are geniuses. Real smart cookies. And also they care about you a lot and know what's best for you. Why? Because. Just because. If only all brothers heeded advice as well as our fair Sean did. So as a fellow older sister to an equally-as-blonde younger brother, I salute you, Shay. You vanquished a beast. Sean thanks you. The girls thank you. America thanks you. Sure, there are other things to talk about in this episode. There were so many confessions! Catherine's father confession, overly NeeDy AshLee's confession that she was one of those teenagers that got married in high school (but since divorced!), and Lesley's confession (to the camera) that she was falling in love with Sean. But we all want to talk about Tierrable anyway — I mean this season could literally just be renamed The Tierra Show and no one would blink —so why even bother with the other crap? There were one-on-one dates and three-on-one dates. Lindsay got a rose, which literally NO ONE saw coming (I think Lindsay included), and everyone got excited about the upcoming hometown dates. And with those few sentences, you're all caught up on the stuff that isn't Tierrably Tierracentric. So let's get down to business. RELATED: 'The Bachelor' Recap: Winter is Coming. And It is Tierrable. There are certain people in this world that are just sort of awful. You run into these people most frequently right out of college. Because these Baby Einsteins have been told their whole lives that they're unique snowflakes that deserve everything they ever want and then after that, they'll become President of the United States or the head of a bank (basically the same thing). They're told that they'll find THE most handsome man or THE most beautiful woman, they'll have THE most beautiful wedding and THE most perfect children and THE most perfect home and THE most perfect job and then everything will just be perfect and happy and wonderful. And that anything that gets in the way of such a dream is THE enemy. From age Jell-O til age 22, these bouncing beacons of the future are engrained with such truths. And when they grow up and realize that none of their parents placating bulls**t was true, they turn into evil ogres of narcissism and unhappiness. Enter: Tierrable. She's 24. And here she has, volunteered as tribute. Because the way Tierrable has acted the whole show, you'd think she was being thrown into the damn Hunger Games. It was one of the more epic go-down-in-flame situations seen on reality television. Here was a girl who tried so hard to be seen as The Victim because, duh, what else could she be, and ended up the biggest villain. And so mommy's perfect, sparkly princess started to unravel because she saw her ability to control the situation vanish. Her unraveling started early on in the episode, when she was not selected for the first one-on-one date with Sean. That honor went to world's most delicate flower, AsHLeE. AshLee has some pretty major issues with abandonment, so it's not surprising that she would want to get Tierrable out of the way of her own happiness. (Heck, it's Tierrable's tunnel-vision way every single time she wants a lady that is "messing with her" off the show.) I believe her when she says her discussion of Tierrable's antics were coming from a place of caring — she really does seem genuine there — but ultimately she was looking out for herself. She didn't want to get hurt, and Tierrable certainly had the ability to hurt AshLee based on the hold she had on Sean alone.  But let's get back to the misfit toy that is Tierrable, because that's what we're all here for, anyway. Lest you had any inkling of sympathy for the girl, she brings out the big guns for AshLee's one-on-one date. A lovely sing-songy rendition of "The cougar's back in town!" Oh that Tierrable, always so thoughtful! You see, Tierrable, as a 24 year-old woman, has it all together. She just gets it! She understands life! And real life means having a husband and a family and 2.5 children and a dog before the AARP man starts calling your name. Which, we all know is 30. So for AshLee to be here at 32?! How is she still allowed to exist on the planet?! What's wrong with her?! Does she have a secret penis? Is she actually an alien from another planet? Everybody knows that anybody worth dating will be snatched up and married by the age of 30, so, like, EW. It's easy to tell the story of Tierrable's general The Worstness by describing the things she does, the words she says. But it's far more satisfying to let her own words do all the explaining. "When I'm 32 I want to be married with kids and have my life set," wise archangel Tierrable stated. "Why hasn't she found anyone to settle down with yet?" True, Tierrable: why hasn't she? BURN ASHLEE ALIVE AT THE STAKE. It is the only way! And bonus: it'll ward off witches and old crones. But Tierrable's time for vindication is here: at last! A one-on-one date with Sean! Oh the glory: what is he going to do? Shall they venture out on a private yacht? Will they ferry off to their island built for two, made of gold and rubies? Will she be carried on a mattress to Sean's hotel room where they will ravage each other's bodies in a ritual to right a world so wronged by so many over-30 singles? RELATED: 'The Bachelor' Recap: Sean Lowe and The Not-So-Happy Campers No! Ugh, it's like, so totally unfair because like, Tierrable has to suffer (but oh how she's suffered so already!) through walking on the same streets as all those Normals and Tourists that are also in St. Croix! It's awful! How is she supposed to fall in love in such an ordinary place? What is she, some sort of plebe? Please, Sean. NEXT: Tierrable Is Delusional... Thankfully, Tierrable is the patron saint of Dealing, because she pulled her favorite Happy Tierra mask out of the trunk (it's under her cot) and served Sean some OMG So Excited Realness! Lucky for her, Sean could probably see how much she had to suffer, so he buys her some baubles! She literally is heard saying that it was first-date appropriate. Which, I went on a first date this week and I couldn't even get the guy to buy me a coffee! So clearly Tierrable's delusion runs deep (and/or I have extremely low expectations of men). After Sean confronts Tierrable about the house, her immediate reaction is to complain that all of the girls are jealous of her. Because of a rose she got. On the first episode of the show. Weeks ago. A rose that literally means nothing now. Yes, because all human beings are just that petty and care that much about s**t like that. Tierrable, you are so wise: like a tiny, tanned Buddha. Tell me all of the secrets of the universe! Instantly, Tierrable knows the girls have been s**t-talking her: and given this "distance" she feels with Sean and how it coincides with AshLee's one-on-one, she knows she's been thrown. But where? Under the bus! The only problem is that, woops, Tierrable loves getting thrown under busses. (She equally enjoys pain and public transportation.) Because that means injuries, which means tears, which means more attention from Sean. This girl's manipulation techniques are so f**king embedded in her damn DNA I don't even think she realizes. I mean, I would hope that's her excuse because it's the only one. "I'm playing the game right back, I'm not letting any of these girls stop me, I am not," Tierrable declared in an interview. She told Sean that she cares about him a lot and she hopes their journey continues because she's falling in love with him. Complete with a cutesy eye squint and a small and a kiss before Sean had any time to process or ask questions. Shut 'em up with a kiss on the mouth! I mean, it works all the time for dudes in movies, right?  So since Tierrable's date was "soft," she knows that means everything is spinning out of control and therefore needs a bit of damage control. The only problem is that Tierrable's version of damage control involves going 150% off the deep end. But it's not her fault, you guys! None of this is! Tierrable is not in control! If she was in control, duh, this would all be perfect. But she's not, so everything is going wrong and people are the meanest! She can't control her eyebrows. She can't control what her face does. She can't control anything!  So AshLee and Tierrable fight. All while Sean sits blissfully unaware, chatting up his sister and savior, Shay.   Instead of a play-by-play, I feel this hurricane of bats**ttery can only be told in Tierrable's own words. She's very intuitive and not-at-all delusional. So here's what she had to say. "Yeah, girls are jealous! Men love me!" "I'm not going to sit around talking about high school stuff. I'm 24 years old and you're 32." "When you throw someone under the bus it actually backfires." "That's just my character!" "I know that in my own skin, I'm not rude." "I am not perfect, get over it." "I know I'm a nice girl and I'm a nice friend. So if I don't say 'hi,' it's not because I'm rude." No, it's her character! (But wait, personal character or evil-TV-villain character? Also, which one's worse?) At one point AshLee reveals to the audience that at some point during filming, Tierrable allegedly admitted her parents were worried about Tierrable being on the show because she doesn't get along well with other people. (NO! Really?) After hearing this, Tierrable lost it, and cried out in defense of herself the greatest line in Bachelor history: "My parents told me 'Tierra you have a sparkle, do not let those girls take your sparkle away!'"  Mind you, poor Shay was just sitting outside while all of this went on. And it seems like she must've sat for a whole lot longer than the show led us to believe. But still she sits, patiently waiting for her brother to return because she cares about him! She doesn't want Sean to end up with "that one," which is hilarious because Tierrable is "that one." So Sean decides to go grab her to talk to Shay because if a girl cannot get along with other girls, Shay believes that to be trouble. I mean, girl-on-girl hate can get pretty ugly. RELATED: 'The Bachelor' Recap: Wheelin' and Dealin' So Tierrable and Sean are talking after he makes his way to the house to fetch Tierrable to meet his sister. The girls are on the couch, purposefully left in the dark because HELLO! Drama and unknown at the rose ceremony: a winning combination! As for Tierrable? Well, she's just so broken by other people trying to bring her down! Her life, as you know, has been really hard. She's been told to sparkle her whole life but these women won't let her shine! "This is just so hard for me, Sean," Tierrable yelped between sobs. "And you know that. I'm so sensitive and I have such a big heart but I'm just so scared of this whole process and I don't know how to take it." So what's a girl to do in that situation? Be honest, duh! "I think I'm going to be honest with you because I always am. My date with you has been heavy on my heart and I took it really hard because I knew that there was distance between you and I, and today I confronted somebody because I felt like that person sabotaged our connection." NEXT: Yes, The World Is Out to Get You... At this point, I think Sean is finally starting to see that maybe the girls aren't so off base. He demands to know who she confronted, and Tierrable says that AshLee has been "hounding her" and that it was all her that "made it an issue" and that Tierrable just "hates being like this" with Sean, but "it's just so hard." and she doesn't want to sit and talk about it because she's scared of going into tonight. Also probably because she's scared if she leaves Sean to actually use his brain and think about this situation, he'll realize how nutter butters it all is — or she'll run out of excuses and ways to blame other people for her actions. "I get emotional because I care and they don't think I do," she explained.  And in true Tierrable style, her first words after the door of the van to take her away shuts? "I can't believe they did this to me!" That is right, Tierrable! The world IS out to get you. This whole show is actually a conspiracy created by some girls from your high school that were like, so totally jealous of you because you were asked to prom by like, 3 different people and so they've made it their life quest to ruin yours.   THE TIME HAS COME TO SEND THIS CRAZY THE WAY OF SEAN'S SHIRT BUDGET: OUT THE WINDOW AND INTO THE GARBAGE. The icing on the cake of this clusterf**k of crazy? Sean calls Tierrable an "emotional mess" on national television. Satisfaction? Thy name is televised dating competitions.  In the end, Lesley was sent packing after some concocted drama about the possibility of AshLee going home. Next week we have the hometown dates! And it looks like Desiree's family (the one that she cried about at the mere mention, she loves them so much) is packing some serious resentment towards Mr. Lowe. Drama! It's what this show is here for, after all. What did you think of this week's episode? Glad Tierrable is gone at last? Sound off in the comments! [Photo Credit: Francisco Roman/ABC] Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes!
  • Melissa McCarthy and The Elusive Good Starring Role
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 11, 2013
    Melissa McCarthy: arguably one of the past few years' biggest comedic breakouts. A deft wielder of a highly-tuned comedy sword, McCarthy slayed folks in her 2011 breakout movie role as Megan in Bridesmaids. She endeared fans to her as Sookie St. James on the small screen in Gilmore Girls. So we all know that the potential for fabulousness is strong with this one — so why won't Hollywood give her something better to do? Most likely? Because they're scared. Because people still don't seem to be comfortable with McCarthy, her body, and her steadfast commitment to comedy above all else. She's going to give it all to you — even if that means you might see a body you're uncomfortable with, audience. Just look at critic Rex Reed, whose commentary about McCarthy's "humongous" and "hippo"-esque stature (his awful words, not mine) sent a barrage of hate his way, sure, but speaks to a commonly-held belief. That fat and fat people should be shamed rather than accepted as the reality of a world with a veritable smorgasbord of body shapes, sizes, and types. And it's also sort of Hollywood's fault for perpetuating the insidious idea, but they have an opportunity to fix it if they stop underestimating the comedy audience. Sure, her performance in Identity Thief was good — one that perhaps outshone the hokey and dated-feeling movie to which it was affixed — but it's so clear that she's capable of more. We, as consumers, are starting to get really sick of the ease with which fat jokes seem to be strewn into any film that has a woman of a larger size in it (the number of punchlines where McCarthy's own body is the implied point of humor throughout Identity Thief is frustratingly high — similar to Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect). But we all know that ladies like McCarthy and Wilson are capable funny people, and deserve more. So give it to them. It's time. RELATED: Melissa McCarthy, Jason Bateman Are Actin' A Fool in Identity Thief It's time for Hollywood to nut up a bit and let McCarthy be McCarthy. Homegirl needs a role that will steer the conversation away from her weight and onto her very real talents. And yes, that does include her incredible capacity for physical humor, before anyone thinks otherwise. That's because McCarthy's slapstick is related not to the size of her body, but to her ability to be fearless when she performs. She is so comfortable in her own skin that she's not afraid to do things in a more human (and therefore, inherently goofy-at-times) way. She's got spunk and a little pizazz, that one. Plus: she's really f**king funny. Just look back to McCarthy's monologue when hosting Saturday Night Live: What makes the SNL monologue funny is not that McCarthy is a fat woman saying she's a dancer with any sort of talent. A fact that is made explicitly-clear by the inclusion of cast member Kristen Wiig in the number. It's a nod (in an almost vaudevillian manner) to old variety shows and their comedic stylings. It's also the commitment with which she carries out the moves that she does have (and, she does have some moves — don't forget her impressive leg-up on real-life husband Ben Falcone during the flight from Bridesmaids) and how both women were so obviously not the ones behind the screen. Not just McCarthy. The build-up, the other dancers, the accents, the glitter, the pa-pow and zig-zam of it all: it all contributed to a hilarious little nightclub number. A parody of so many on-stage entertainment events we've experienced on our own. Poking fun at the obviousness of smoke and mirrors is just a plus. RELATED: What Was The Last Great Moment of Movie Slapstick Comedy? McCarthy's comedy game is on-point. Her talent is undeniable: whether the role is worth of her talents — we're not naming any names, cough — or not, her ability consistently be the star of any scene she's in, says something. But we need more for Melissa McCarthy. She can do real, she can do honest, she can do charming. And she no doubt has a wealth of life experiences that speak to her time on this earth as a woman, a mother, and, yes, a person living in a fat body — though when she talks about it, it's not a bunch of predictable jokes about how terrible it is that she's the size she is — from which to pull from. This gives her a leg up on a lot of other people: dynamic enough to truly nail character depth, even in places where the comedy is lighter. In order to do this, we have to take the idea that McCarthy's body is a barrier to her or a thing worth mocking, and throw it out of the f**king window. You're better than that, Hollywood — so stop thinking that the audience won't like it. Because we'll like it. We'll really, really like it. Besides! Self-deprecating body humor is so passé. RELATED: Film Critic Angers Fans By Calling Melissa McCarthy A 'Hippo' But like all astute observers of Hollywood soon learn: sometimes you have to do it yourself. The work you want doesn't always just appear, so if you want something done, create it yourself.  McCarthy recently launched a production company (On the Day), with three projects already in development at Universal and Fox. She's set to star in one, co-write and star in another, and the third is based on a book from a Girls co-executive producer. And as if that wasn't enough, her upcoming movie Tammy (which she also co-wrote and is starring in) just tapped her to take on a third hat: that of co-directing. So maybe there's hope for McCarthy's future roles yet.  It seems that today, after a whirlwind of controversy about Lena Dunham's body and what it "deserves," we should all agree that they're all different, and they all deserve more than society might try to dictate. [Photo Credit: Universal Pictures] Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes From Our Partners: 40 Hottest Celeb Twitpics of the Month (Vh1) 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue: A Visual History (Celebuzz)
  • Before They Were fun.: Is This Year's Best New Artist All That New? — VIDEO
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 11, 2013
    Boy, that Nate Ruess seemed sort of curmudgeon-y about that whole Best New Artist thing, eh? Emphasizing how not-young the bandmates are more than once during their Grammy Award acceptance speeches Sunday night. (A ridiculous thing for the 30-year old Ruess to say in a room filled with people well above the AARP entrance age.) Well that may or may not be because he hardly considers his band fun., a new artist. While we're of the ilk to tell him to suck it up and check out the careers of some of the previous winners (who were far less new than his beloved fun.), we have to admit that their now-Grammy winning album Some Nights has not been the first LP the men have crafted. In fact, the men have put out countless albums with previous groups before they came to be fun. RELATED: Mumford & Sons Wins Album of the Year for Babel Besides the 2009 disc Aim and Ignite, the band's founding members — the aforementioned Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff — all have previous musical attempts under their belts. So let's take a waltz through their previous outfits and the songs that made those bands equally as interesting. After this post we promise you'll sound super-informed and impressive amongst your friends. Steel Train - "I Feel Weird": Jack Antonoff's other band Steel Train has been around since 2002. Besides having opened up for other famous bands such as Tegan and Sara, Ben Folds, The Fray, Silversun Pickups, Hanson, The Format, Gomez, O.A.R., Barenaked Ladies, and — of course — fun. Jersey born and bred, and friends since childhood, they put out three albums and three EPs as a band. Their most popular song is arguably the one above from their second album, 2007's Trampoline. RELATED: Holy Sideboob! 10 Grammys Looks That Broke CBS' Rules The Format - "The First Single": Ruess' first band, The Format, was a seeming staple for high schoolers in the early aughts. (The band formed in 2001.) Their oh-so-appropriately titled first single, "The First Single," shows you a bit more of Ruess' perma-need to be aware of the limits placed upon him as an artist in the music industry during a time where its future was very much unstable. Everybody needs a first single, eh? Anathallo - "The River": Perhaps the most experimental of all the previous projects, Andrew Dost's band with friend Jamie Macleod, was formed in 2000. An ever-evolving outfit that often included an average of 8 people on stage during its performances, Anathallo put out four albums and three EPs before they closed up shop in 2009. Dost left the group in 2008. RELATED: Taylor Swift Sings Along to Every Song at the Grammy Awards ...and of course, there was the album fun. put out before Some Nights. 2009's Aim and Ignite produced some songs you probably heard on a couple MTV promos a few years back. Case in point: "Walking The Dog." What do you think of fun.'s Grammy wins last night? Are you a fan? Let us know in the comments! Follow Alicia on Twitter @AliciaLutes From Our Partners: 40 Hottest Celeb Twitpics of the Month (Vh1) 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Issue: A Visual History (Celebuzz)
  • 'Skyfall', 'Argo' Win Top Prizes at 2013 BAFTAs
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 10, 2013
    Sunday night saw the best and brightest of this year's cinematic achievements battling it out for top honors at the 2013 British Academy of Film and Television Arts. The nominees this year relied heavily on the work of a few: namely Argo, Skyfall, Les Misérables, Lincoln, and Life of Pi. Other notably-present films also included Zero Dark Thirty, Anna Karenina, and Silver Linings Playbook — making the winners across the pond a solid foreshadower of things to come when our own academy doles out top honors later this month. Hosted by Stephen Fry, the Brits seem to echo the same sentiment as everyone else giving out awards this year: The Academy messed up. Big time. Ben Affleck took home yet another Best Director win for Argo, proving that sometimes even the people in charge make big mistakes that cause them to look a bit out of touch. Other continuining trends included Christoph Waltz and Anne Hathaway scoring additional supporting actor and actresss wins, and Amour shutting out the competition when it comes to foreign films.  RELATED: Producers Guild Awards 2013: Argo and Homeland Continue Award Season Domination Overall the awards were distributed fairly evenly amongst the top contenders, though one of the top nominees — Lincoln, with its 10 nominations — was nearly shut-out of actually winning anything. Daniel Day-Lewis' untouchable performance as Honest Abe gave them the film its only win of the night. Check out the complete list of winners bleow: OUTSTANDING BRITISH FILM Skyfall SHORT ANIMATION The Making of Longbird SHORT FILM Swimmer COSTUME DESIGN Anna Karenina MAKE UP & HAIR Les Misérables ANIMATED FILM Brave SOUND Les Misérables RELATED: Argo Wins Big at SAG — Are We Looking at a Best Picture Winner? EDITING Argo CINEMATOGRAPHY Life of Pi ORIGINAL MUSIC Skyfall ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Django Unchained (Quentin Tarantino) SUPPORTING ACTOR Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained OUTSTANDING DEBUT BY A BRITISH WRITER, DIRECTOR OR PRODUCER Bart Layton (Director), Dimitri Doganis (Producer) The Imposter SPECIAL VISUAL EFFECTS Life of Pi SUPPORTING ACTRESS Anne Hathaway, Les Misérables ADAPTED SCREENPLAY Silver Linings Playbook FILM NOT IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Amour EE RISING STAR AWARD Juno Temple DOCUMENTARY Searching For Sugar Man (Malik Bendjelloul, Simon Chinn) PRODUCTION DESIGN Les Misérables DIRECTOR Argo, Ben Affleck RELATED: SAG Awards 2013: The Complete Winners List LEADING ACTRESS Emmanuelle Riva, Amour LEADING ACTOR Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln BEST FILM Argo What did you think of this year's winners? Sound off in the comments! Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes.
  • Anyone Else Offended by Marvel and Hyperion's She-Hulk and Rogue Romance Novels?
    By: Alicia Lutes Feb 07, 2013
    Marvel Comics and Hyperion are teaming up to give something to the ladies. Or, at least, what they think we want — if, of course, the ladies that read comic books were stereotypes and cellophane versions of real human women. It's making us angry — and you won't like us when we're angry. The two announced a deal Thursday to publish two action/adventure romance novels about popular female superheroes She-Hulk and Rogue. The only problem is — Sigh. Why do they make it so easy for me? — that these books sound fairly offensive, as if they were "OK'd" by someone who maybe hasn't ever met a modern woman before. (And no, I didn't make the virgin joke, because that's petty, lazy, and just another way society messes with everything and shames people for no good reason. But I digress!) The novels purport to "showcase strong, smart heroines," but seemingly relegate their stories to "seeking happiness and love" as if those are the only two things women are programmed to care about, ever. Everyone knows women also care about fashion and making pies! So that's like four things. Give us some credit! Gosh. RELATED: Captain America 2 Recruits Revenge Star Emily VanCamp Here's an unpopular opinion, comic book industry: Why don't we first work on making our female superheroes more than just spandex-tinged boobholders meant to tantalize and frustrate the predominately male audience that reads them? I don't think anyone would ever accuse the industry and its fans of being super feminists. How about trying to bring females into the fold as equals? Say, by — oh, I don't know — removing a bit of the misogyny that's followed them for so long? Women don't need The She-Hulk Diaries. Because 1) the name is a rip-off of so many other trite and cliched things out there right now, 2) green lipstick, seriously?, and 3) If you fix your root problem, you might actually convince women that reading the source material itself is worthwhile. You know, actual comic books? Or are some executives out there afraid that, by creating realistic portrayals of women, they'll lose the coveted mouthbreather demographic? As a woman, it feels like a proverbial pat on the head. As if the comic book industry is placating those among us demanding better portrayals of women. And Hyperion Editor-in-Chief Elisabeth Dyssegaard isn't helping matters much either when she is quoted as saying, "Marvel has had tremendous success with recent hit movies and we think it’s a great time to explore what happens to super heroines when they are dropped into traditional women’s novels." Just repeated that last line in your head: "traditional women's novels." There isn't enough blank space on the Internet for me to get into that one. RELATED: 'Iron Man 3' Super Bowl Trailer: A Thousand Big Explosions (and One Looong Joke) Ruwan Jayatilleke of Marvel Entertainment seems to agree with Dyssegaard (somehow), explaining that, "it’s exciting to see Hyperion bring two of our most beloved female super heroes, Rogue and She-Hulk, to life in ways you’ve never seen before. Whether you’re a long time fan of Marvel or new to our Super Heroes, these novels deliver exciting stories that will capture your imagination." But only if your imagination dreams in cherubs and unrealistic romantical expectations, natch! What about giving little girls the same sort of role models as the little boys have in Spider-Man, Iron Man, Batman, Hulk, Captain America, Superman, and the like? Don't they deserve that, too? The books purport to discuss both love and battling cosmic evil, but the descriptions of the books seem to focus way more on the former than the latter. The She-Hulk Diaries — the less-offensive sounding of the two (I know! Don't get us started on that book cover) — is said to focus on Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk, and her quest to balance work and super villains all while "trying to navigate the dating world to find a Mr. Right who might not mind a sometimes-very big and green girlfriend."  Rogue Touch centers on the X-Men heroine who absorbs powers through touch. After accidentally putting her boyfriend in a coma (Silly ladies! They can never control their emotions, let alone their superpowers!), Rogue runs away from home, where she then meets the "handsome and otherworldly James and sparks fly." Oh no! Poor Rogue is stuck between two dudes! And she has superpowers that, even though she's lived with them from birth, she can't seem to control! Life for a woman is complicated! But only in the silly, trivial ways, amirite? Call me crazy, but no one was all that excited by the film I Don't Know How She Does It, so something tells me they won't be lining up for this stuff, either. No matter how many She-Hulk smashes might occur. RELATED: Jessica Biel Bails on 'The Wolverine,' a Superhero Movie That Can't Get a Break The condescension in the idea alone — that there even needs to be a separate set of books, called "traditional women's novels" at that! (hoo child, don't get me started on that one) — may end up being more offensive than the books themselves. (One should always hope for the best.) But if the comic book industry thinks that this is the answer to their woman problem, well, they're worse off than we originally imagined. What do you think about Marvel's new female-fronted endeavor? Let us know in the comments! [Photo Credit: Marvel] Follow Alicia on Twitter: @alicialutes From Our Partners: Justin Bieber Drug and Cheating Rumors?! (Vh1) 32 Most Outrageous Outfits in Grammy History (Vh1)