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  • 'Hannibal' Recap: With Friends Like These (Season 1, Episode 7)
    By: Alicia Lutes May 16, 2013
    "I dragged you into my world." "Oh, I got there on my own. But I appreciate the company." Music may be the food of love, but it is friendship that solidifies the baseline. Human connection — a desire for sameness — is an inherent need that most of us quench with friends, lovers, and family. For the cast of Hannibal, Thursday night's new episode proved that even murderpeople need a buddy. Even the most isolated of us a little attention, a sense of acceptance and understanding from another human. And some will go to desperate lengths to achieve it. People...people who need people! They're the luckiest people in the world, or so says Barbra Streisand. Music can say what words cannot, and who prefers less talking more than people trying to keep a cover hidden in plain sight? Serial killers don't just murder people, they ARE people! Interpersonal relationships were at the center of "Fromage," and the crescendo mounts with every step these characters take towards each other. Relationships are the most public way we display our humanity — and what's more normalizing than feeling understood and safe in the company of another? Will Graham, the king of "I don't do social," has now realized he might want more by way of companionship than his precious pooches. Why the sudden change? Probably because he's been walking a serious mental tightrope with his FBI work, and has a very good just diving off the deep-end into something bad. He's taking pills now and Jack still doesn't seem to care that he's pushing yet another protegé to the brink. Never more evidenced was Will's unraveling than when he unintentionally embodied the persona of the murderer he attempted to catch this week. While at the morgue, he quipped with such horrific ease: "I had to open you up just to get a decent sound out of you." Sounds like an allegory for Will and Jack's relationship. Will's ability to "see" the murderers that he profiles and catches has him on increasingly shaky ground. But Dr. Alana Bloom has the opportunity to recallibrate the balance, at least in his mind. Which is why her relationship with Will has, well, accelerated in a way. He cannot escape the oncoming cries of a wounded animal. First he heard it way out in the woods, just outside Tobias Budge's store, and then later when it found its way into Will's fireplace. But Alana and Will are silent in their knowledge of the truth: there is no noise. It's hard to catch a hurt and scared wild animal by yourself: especially if you're the wild animal in question (cough Will cough). But let's get back to that Tobias Budge — welcome the week's newest serial killer muderperson! You may recognize him as the creepy best friend of Hannibal's patient Franklin from last week's "Sorbet." You see, Franklin — ever the psychopath obsessive who actually said the words "I've become you" outloud, to Hannibal (wow, he really Did have a death wish, eh?) — has an unhealthy infatuation with Dr. Lecter and Tobias has been manipulating that to attract Hannibal's attention. Aww, Tobias wants a friend! And not the one he already has. Tobias is hellbent on proving that he's able to play (read: viciously and unrepentantly murder other humans) just as well as Hannibal. There's the object of this killer serenade! In a gruesome scene that had me literally holding my own throat in horror (and imagined pain), Tobias murdered a trombone player to use his vocal chords for strings. But what we see is the bone-chilling aftermath: the man, centerstage and spotlit, dead with a cello arm thrust through his throat. I mean, how else you going to play those vocal chords, eh? It was literally every single word for "gruesome" one could imagine. The noise that bellowed forth from them was dark, brooding, and highly unsettling. Dissonance and dischord abound! (Bryan Fuller, you really outdid yourself with That one.) Tobias is a man who desires both total autonomy, but a sense of companionship. Sound familiar? We see this desire for sameness in the way Hannibal is unhealthily fixated on Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (recurring guest star Gillian Anderson). Turns out Hannibal is a bit of a Franklin himself! Homeboy tries to put on airs (and a smokeshow, and a couple titanium mountains...) to separate who he really is and how the world sees him, but still he desires someone else to know him. Du Maurier referred Hannibal to another doctor (since she had been in retirement following a patient's attack on her), but he refused, claiming theirs was a relationship with more depth than that of patient-doctor. Anyone else feel like Bedelia has some faint inklings about just how devious a man Hannibal is? She and Will better watch their backs: the desire to manipulate in order to companionate (feelin' a lil Joycean, makin' up words) is strong with this cannibal. And the manipulations don't end there: Hannibal continues to attempt to destroy Will at his very core in order to build him into the strawman he wants. Sensing that Will was nearing the breaking point, he knew an encounter with Tobias could mean more disaster for Will. So, natch, he sent Will after him. Will's friendship may be an inadvertent byproduct of Hannibal's obsession with him, but there's more to it now. Now, Hannibal is convinced the two are the same type of person. They see the world in different ways, ultimately, but Hannibal knows that being criminally insane means Will understands him in a way no one else can. "It's nice when someone sees us, Hannibal. Or has the ability to see us. It requires trust. Trust is difficult for you." Who is worthy of Hannibal's friendship, who's clever enough to climb over the walls he's built up? Choice Cuts:- "I didn't poison you Tobias, I wouldn't do that to food." may be the most hilariously wonderful line this show has ever produced.- "Psychopaths are not crazy. They are fully aware of what they're doing and the consequences of those actions." - and you would know, wouldn't you, Dr. Lecter? - Tobias has also seen something of Hannibal that we haven't seen ourselves.: what happened in the busyard?!- "Every life is a piece of music. Like music we are finite events; unique arrangements." Hannibal, always the poet.- When asked what he sees when he closes his eyes, Will states: "What do you see behind closed eyes?" "I see myself."- Beverly saying, exasperatedly "yes, I played the violin," was quite amusing.- The stag statue left its mark on someone other than Will, and not just mentally. Just so happens to be the mark of death, but hey! What can you do, right? 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  • Dick Trickle, NASCAR Legend, Dead at 71
    By: Alicia Lutes May 16, 2013
    Dick Trickle, the NASCAR legend and veritable short-track racing savant, died Thursday in North Carolina following a self-inflincted gunshot wound. He was 71 years old.  According to the sheriff's department of Lincoln County, N.C., the Communications Center received a call from someone they believe to have been Trickle on Thursday afternoon, claiming that "there would be a dead body and it would be his." His body was found on the grounds of the Forest Lawn Cemetary upon arrival. At the family's request, no additional information will be released at this time. Trickle was a native of Wisconsin but had lived in the NASCAR-centric state of North Carolina since the 1990s. He is often cited as the winningest short-track driver in the history of stock-car racing — with a stunning 1,000 victories, even winning 67 of those races in 1972 alone. He was rookie of the year in the 1989 NASCAR premier series and finagled a bevy of top-five and top-10 finishes. Developing... From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • See Ellen Page, Brit Marling, and Alexander Skarsgard Thrill in 'The East' — EXCLUSIVE
    By: Alicia Lutes May 16, 2013
    Imagine, if you can, you've landed yourself an elite, no-nonsense job as an operative for a private intelligence firm, only to see your priorities shift upon infiltrating the anarchist group you were tasked with taking down. Sounds like a recipe for a very awkward conversation with your boss — or the plot to upcoming thriller The East. Brit Marling stars as the aforementioned operative, tasked with helping her multi-billion dollar corporation clients fight the anted-up, Occupy-Eco-Terror-esque group of anarchists called The East. It is The East's plot to get justice for the environment at any cost — a cost mostly paid by the corporations for which Marling's character Sarah works. Sarah infiltrates The East's ranks in order to bring them down from the inside — but things get complicated when she starts to fall for the group's charismatic leader, Benji (Alexander Skarsgård). Sarah must decide where her alliegance lies: with the man she's developing feelings for, or the people that pay her salary. Also starring Ellen Page and Patricia Clarkson, this thriller is not to be missed. The East hits theaters on May 31st, but we've got an exclusive look at the film in the photos below. Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes | Follow on Twitter @hollywood_com More:Occupy Sundance: 'The East' Sticks It To The ManTobey Kebbell Reveals Details on 'The East'Ellen Page Joins Cast of 'The East' From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • Vin Diesel's Laser Eyes Return for 'Riddick' — TRAILER
    By: Alicia Lutes May 15, 2013
    Fighting off aliens is a tough business, only made tougher by the fact that you're a Furyan humanoid with mirror eyes (though I think we can all agree they look a cat's laser eyes) just trying to survive the bloodlust so much of the universe seems to have for you. That's right, Vin Diesel is back for his fourth installment of the Riddick series in the film of the same name. Riddick follows the title character/action anti-hero (played by Diesel), after he was left to rot on a seemingly dead-looking planet following the events of The Chronicles of Riddick. Only problem is: he's actually quite alive! In an attempt to get off the planet, though, things go horribly awry. Check out the new trailer, below. Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes More:See Vin Diesel in 'Game of Thrones' the Movie! ...I Mean 'Riddick''Riddick' Teaser TrailerVin Diesel Reveals New 'Riddick' Images From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • The 5 Best Quotes from 'The Office' Star Ellie Kemper's Rant, 'Can Men Be Funny?'
    By: Alicia Lutes May 15, 2013
    It's an age-old question that's plagued the masses for centuries: can men be funny? Like, really actually funny? Ellie Kemper, The Office star and just one of the many fabulous funny (ginger!) women that control the female-dominated comedy world, mused prophetically about the subject for GQ this month. And, well, it's fabulous. Fans of satire will appreciate her deft ability to look at the oft-posed question ("are women funny?") by flipping the quandary onto men in order to highlight its absurdity. Here are our 5 favorite moments.  1.) "Why do they even try? my 7-year-old self would wonder as I watched Alan Alda flounder helplessly through yet another failed rerun of M*A*S*H. Why is every single Korean-lady extra so much funnier than he is?" 2.) "From Madeleine Albright to Kate Upton to Sinead O'Connor, so sue me, women just make me laugh. And I'm not talking about the kind of sweet, sexy laughter that I use when I am trying to butt someone in line; I am talking about the loud, snorting, disgusting laughter that essentially explodes out of me when I have fully and completely given myself over to yet another zinger flung by Barbara Piasecka Johnson." 3.) "Please don't think that I am arguing that all men are humorless. There are some extremely acceptable male comedians out there: Joel Osteen, Abraham Lincoln, the man who played Phil Spector in HBO's Phil Spector. ... Has any one of those men ever uttered anything even close to the zings that fly swiftly, sharply, and uproariously from [comic strip star] Cathy's chocolate-loving mouth? Game over." 4.) "Guys, do you want to know a secret? You don't have to be funny in order to attract us. Believe us, between your scalps and your calves, you've already got us. Your narrow, decrescendoing hips, and your soft, very hairy thighs leave us breathless. The truth is, there is no evolutionary cause for you to have to be funny. And precisely because your ancestors, and your ancestors' grandparents, and your ancestors' grandparents' grandparents, and so on and so on, had no procreative need to cultivate a sense of humor and performance, you literally do not have it in your DNA." 5.) "We women, with our sumptuous breasts and our shapely hips, have to be funny in order literally to survive. Our curves render us useless for just about anything except cracking wise and quip-firing. Sometimes our breasts are so big that we actually can't move; we have no choice but to sit very still in one place and come up with joke after joke. Sometimes—though rare—our hips are so wide, that we physically cannot fit through the exit door of the comedy club that our office co-workers dragged us to after happy hour. So the only option available to us is to stay inside the comedy club, absorbing comedy act after comedy act, and in so doing, completing the full transformation from comedy student to comedy master." Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes More:Guys, Women Can Be Funny, Too'The Office' Cast Reunite for a Parade in ScrantonWhy Isn't a Woman Being Considered for 'Late Night'? From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • Just Kidding, Jaden Smith is Not Getting Emancipated
    By: Alicia Lutes May 15, 2013
    Just like any good, emotionally violatile young teen will tell you: parents just don't understand! And it was because of that sage advice from Will Smith's rap career days that fourteen-year-old son Jaden Smith had made the decision to be emancipated. At least, one could only hope that's how it all went down.  But now, young Jaden is singing a different tune. On Wednesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jaden backtracked with a quick "LOL, JK on that emancipation proclamation tip," because he realized that living alone means his parents wouldn't be around to do literally everything for him. Doing laundry? Washing dishes? Groceries? Buying things that are important, necessary, and — horror of horrors — not 100% functioning as an instrument of fun?! Being an adult isn't just raging with your kewl, older BFF Justin Bieber and playing video games all night long — most of being an adult on your own is pretty dumb. Check out the full interview, below. I mean, if I was still a kid, I'd want to live at Will Smith's house forever, too. Follow Alicia On Twitter @Alicialutes More:Jaden Smith Wants to Get EmancipatedJaden Smith Has Tiny Baby Legs at 'After Earth' PremiereJaden Looks Just Like Dad Will Smith in New 'After Earth' Image From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • 'The Mindy Project' Finale Recap: Hot Messes, Haiti, and Haircuts
    By: Alicia Lutes May 14, 2013
    The Season 1 finale of The Mindy Project was a return to form. I know it's weird to say that about a series just finishing up its freshman run, but it's true. Finally, at long last, the puzzle pieces had been found, the balance has been struck, and I am giddy about  —and interested in! — the personal lives of our favorite OBGYNs. It all started with Skype Sex. For long distance relationship-pers, this may be old hat, but Mindy and Casey are newbies — awkwardly and eagerly trouble-shooting their relationship in preparation for Casey's mission trip to Haiti. But Mindy, in a moment of seeming unselfishness, decided to head to Haiti to be with her man — a decision she waffles with throughout the entirety of the episode (also: mmm, waffles). But relationships are hard work and tough choices, and Mindy's never wanted anything more than a nice man to want to be in a serious relationship with her. So, to further prep for her extreme lifestyle and cultural system shock to be, (thanks to the office Mindy Pool, a.k.a. placing bets on how long she'd last in Haiti) Mindy invited herself and Casey on Danny and Christina's camping trip. Party! Speaking of parties, the office threw Mindy and Casey a going-away party! Isn't that sweet? And what a perfect for the ghosts of boyfriends past to appear (B.J. Novak's Jaime, Mark Duplass' Brendan the Midwife) and make her doubt and un-doubt her decision to be with Casey. So much so that she had a near-engagement and total break-up in the span of three minutes of manipulative moments in relationship honesty. First, Mindy lied and said she had to be engaged to Casey to go to Haiti in hopes he would break up with her. But it backfired because Casey spoke to the notorious g.o.d. (hey, Mindy writers, that's my line!) and he decided he was ready for commitment. So of course Mindy immediately broke up with Casey, admitting that she was too selfish and that he wasn't enough to make her go. It looked like things were at a stalemate for the two, nearing an inevitable end. But not before the miracle of life sprang forth and beckoned them all: the triplets have arrived! In the beginning of the episode we met the couple and established that the doctors would all have to work together to deliver them. So, natch, Mindy, Danny, and Jeremy sprint to the hospital (a nice callback to the pilot, complete with MIA soundtrack) and deliver the babies in time to learn the ultimate life lesson: sometimes, you just have to say "yes." We ended on a slight cliff-hanger: Mindy's chopped her hair short in an attempt to win Casey back and show him that she's serious about going to Haiti (but is she, I mean really?), and Danny's told his ex-wife (played by Chloë Sevigny) that he wants to take things slow. And then: it.nearly.happened. An innocuous intimate moment between friends proved to be something more: the spark! Did you see it? It was there, between Mindy and Danny, and we all watched on Squee-Alert level 5 between our eyes, hoping that the kiss would finally be. But, Mindy's gotten back together with Casey and is going to Haiti, she explained, and things go back to normal. But could they really, after that? We'll have to wait an entire summer to find out. The horror! The horror! So what did we learn about love from Mindy & Co. this week? Loads. Here are the finale do's and don'ts of dating. You earned them! 1.) Do not be the type of person that a gypsy would put a hex on — it's a bit of an undesirable quality, really. Vendettas are not cool. Gypsies do not mess.2.) Do not consider yourself a solely sexual object — Christina thinks sexuality in the workplace impedes against, well, work. Also, empowerment! Equality! Etc! Hooray!3.) Do not forget that it's nice to be, uh, sexualized every once and awhile — We all need to be desired: after all, we're all just a bunch of animals obsessed with putting our faces and bits together.4.) Do not get caught in the flossfire — It's a kernel of truth everyone knows: no good can come from the flossfire (but make sure to floss every day, you guys, because gum health is important)!5.) Do be comfortable with your mate — Intimacy isn't just for the bedroom. Sometimes its for tents, and cars, and uncomfortable oral interactions at parties.6.) Do not be so comfortable that you'd swap gum mid-use — No one wants to see that.7.) Do make a point to think important life decisions through — Love a good pro and con list.8.) Do not be afraid of "yes" — Do you want to open new life doors? Of course you do. Say yes. Live a little.9.) Do not get married and move to Jersey — Just kidding, New Jersey! You're fine, we like you. You can do that if you want. But only if like, you actually want to do that sort of thing. 10.) Do kiss Danny Castellano on the mouth — Do it do it do it do it oh my god please just so I can live vicariously through your television show, Mindy Kaling! But don't actually have, you know, Dr. Lahiri kiss him and live happily ever after, though. And as a bonus for what was one of the funniest episodes of the season, a few choice quotes. Of which there were a billion, mind you: - Danny on running away to the bathroom at the party: "Hiding from what? Total happiness? No."- Mindy's succinct description of her trip to Haiti: "I'm going an AIDS-ravaged country with my boyfriend of three months." You're right, Mindy: what could possibly go wrong?- Casey is "all elbows and penis," so naturally he "knocked [Mindy's] glasses off with [his] d**k!" What did you think of the finale of The Mindy Project? Sound off in the comments! 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  • 10 Reasons The Ridiculous Hillary Clinton Biopic Will Never Get Made
    By: Alicia Lutes May 14, 2013
    Like Scarface and Honey Boo Boo, Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure, which naturally makes her the perfect subject of a biographical feature film. If only there was such a script floating around, just waiting to be scooped up and produced... Oh wait! There is. Simply title Rodham, the film was written by Young Il Kim of South Korea. While no actors have been cast, the film has begun its pre-production tango with producers Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen, with James Ponsoldt signed on to direct. So this thing is happening. But the film covers the life of Clinton in a, well, interesting way. The Daily Beast got their hands on what may or may not be a final draft of the screenplay, and it's completely insane. There's wild speculation on the relationship between Bill and Hillary, a harpy-esque Hillz stepping on the toes of justice, and, of course, the paintsuit origin story. Here are 10 details from the script which show why this gonzo tale will probably never get end up being made. 1. Bill Clinton's Boob Obession. Apparently Slick Willie mentions how the watermelons of Hope, Arkansas, are the "firmest, juiciest melons" he’s seen. And that's because Bill likes big boobs! Big, watermelon-shaped boobs. It's edgy because boobs. 2. The Blatant Hatred of Lady Equality. Hillary is called "the valedictorian of the 'look-like-shit school of feminism.'" You think Hillary's going to sign-off on such a whitewash of her character? The over-done joke is a real bore, my dears. 3. Because This: "It depends upon what the meaning of the word 'sex' means." — Oh, hey, look! An allusion to Bill's words during the Lewinsky scandal. Does this depend on what the definition of "trite" is?  4. Aforementioned Paintsuit Origin Story. John Doar, a former boss of Hillary's, suggests she lose her skirts in favor of the ever-so-practical pantsuit while working on the Nixon impeachment committee. It contains the line "From this day forward, she will always wear pantsuits." And so it was written into the Constitution. 5. There Are Saxophones. Bill plays Hillary both "Happy Birthday" and "Hail to the Chief" on the saxophone. 6. Hillary's Trucker Mouth. Hillary says at one point in the script: “I fuckin’ love you. I mean that. I love you, and I want to fuck you" to Bill. And apparently she often says "motherfuckin'," which just tickles Bill's bits. 7. Because of This Whole Scene: Bill Clinton’s mother, Virginia, does not like Hillary because she thinks that Hillary should be a pie-baking, sock-darning, seed-carrying accessory to her baby Bill. When she urges Hillary to wear something pretty to make her son happy, Hillary goes and puts on an old blue (!!) prom dress.  8. The Kooky Family Members. Shortly after the prom dress incident (which somehow didn't involve underage sex and an adult contemporary soundtrack form the 80s), Bill's half-brother Roger Clinton Jr., (18 at this point) asks a group of gathered folk, "Who do you think fucked more women? Bill or Hillary?” and all of Bill’s friends laugh and laugh and laugh. Roger is depicted as a stoner with a bong. Hey, at least some of this sounds true. 9. This Movie is Actually Just About Bill's Sexcapades. "Hillary bursts into Bill's office to complain of her treatment just as a 20-year-old giggling coed comes out. Bill explains that she’s a former student of his and the president of the Arkansas College Democrats. It's one of many references to Bill’s popularity with the ladies." Ladies Love Cool Bill. 10. All of the President Talk. Hillary's friend Betsey Wright at one point screams, "You can’t both be president!" Which is a line that will definitely be used in a trailer someday alongside a stoic-looking, determined face of a young Hillary Clinton. It almost sounds worth it! Ha, just kidding you guys. Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes More:Hillary Clinton to Write a Book That's Totally Not About Running for PresidentHillary Clinton Erupts at Benghazi Hearings: Let It All Out, PoliticiansHillary Clinton Not Included in Time's '100 Most Influential People' List From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • We Judge All The Dudes 'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock Will Date This Season
    By: Alicia Lutes May 14, 2013
    America — your newly crowned Princess of True Love's Eternal Flame, Desiree Hartsock, will be taking her place atop The Bachelorette throne in a matter of weeks. Indeed, ABC's favorite experiments in Real True Forever Love, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have produced dozens of couples (and some of them even last longer than a month after they get engaged!), and this year hopes to be no exception as former contestant for Sean Lowe's heart, Desiree, tackles the red roses under Chris Harrison's watchful eye and perfectly adequate tutelage. So it is with that we present to you the dudes of The Bachelorette: First Impression Superlatives Edition. The Bachelorette returns May 27 on ABC. Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments! GALLERY — The Bachelorette's First Impression Superlatives Follow Alicia on Twitter @alicialutes More:Who Do You Think Should Be the Next 'Bachelorette'?Desiree Hartsock is Season 9's 'Bachelorette'8 Things 'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock Can Learn from Past Contestants From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)
  • Dr. Joyce Brothers, TV Personality and Psychologist, Dead at 85
    By: Alicia Lutes May 13, 2013
    Dr. Joyce Brothers, a popular columnist, psychologist, and television personality passed away Monday in New York City. Her publicst explained that Brothers passed after battling illness for several years. She was 85. Her notoriety began after winning the top prize (while also being the only woman to do so) on the popular game show, The $64,000 Question. From there, Brothers pioneered a career in the world of adviced-based television shows in 1958 with her own series on a local New York station. Coincidentally, this was also same year Brothers became a licensed psychologist. She also found success in the publishing world. Brothers wrote for Good Housekeeping magazine for almost four decades, and had a newspaper column starting in the 1970s that was later syndicated nationwide. She is survived by her daughter, Lisa. From Our Partners:What Happened to 33 Child Stars (Celebuzz)40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)