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  • D-List Comedians Gather For New TBS Prank Show
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 07, 2013
    There's something oddly cruel about naming a comedy show that features D-list comedians Who Gets the Last Laugh? (It's all of us at them, right?) Alas, the likes of Andy Dick (who, between this and Dancing with the Stars seems hell-bent on taking up your television), Bam Margera, D.L. Hughley, Bill Bellamy, Tom Green, Charlie Murphy, Bobby Lee, Luenell, and Nicole Sullivan, are hoping they actually will get the last laugh on a new hidden comedy prank show on TBS this fall.  RELATED: 'Dancing with the Stars' Season 16 Cast Revealed According to TVLine, the series — which is hosted by Scrubs and Clueless star Donald Faison and developed by Punk’d creators Jason Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher (because they apparently can't get enough of watching people with egg on their face) —will have different celebs come up with outrageous pranks. Whoever has the best one that week (as determined by a live audience) will win $10,000, which they will donate to the charity of their choice.  RELATED: Bret Michaels Fired During Premiere of 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice'  The show features of a mix of people with obligations to TBS (The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayar, Men At Work's Danny Masterson), former SNL players (Cheri Oteri, Chris Kattan, Finesse Mitchell), and people with actual clout who have absolutely no reason to be there (what the hell are you doing, Alan Thicke and Kevin McDonald?). Who Gets the Last Laugh? debuts on TBS on Tuesday, April 16 at 10 PM ET. Remember, we're apparently laughing with them this time.  RELATED: 'Scrubs' Star Donald Faison Weds Jessica Simpson's Best Friend Cacee Cobb [Photo credit: Sara De Boer/startraksphoto] From Our Partners:Kim Kardashian's Maternity Style: So Wrong? (Vh1)60 Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who! (Celebuzz)
  • Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Scare: It's Officially Time For Her to Take it Easy
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 07, 2013
    Okay, Kim Kardashian: enough is enough. You need to take a break from constantly being in the spotlight and traveling the world to make appearances anywhere and everywhere with "your girls" or your beau/baby daddy Kanye West. We're not saying this as an American population that is simply exhausted by the Kardashian reign (though, we are); we're saying this as people who are actually concerned for the well-being of your unborn child.  RELATED: Kim Kardashian's 'Hideous' Maternity Wear Sends Blogs Into a Tizzy Look, we get that being a ubiquitous reality television star requires selling your soul for constant exposure, no matter how tacky or ill-advised, so that you don't fall off the cliff of irrelevancy never to return again (how's it going down there, Jon Gosselin?) — but your kid sure doesn't have a say in this.  The New York Post reported that Kim was "rushed to a doctor in Los Angeles on Tuesday night when she feared she was having a miscarriage after returning from Paris fashion week ... And while it was fortunately a false alarm, Kim has now been ordered by her doctors to stop overdoing it and get more rest."  RELATED: Kim Kardashian's Surprise Baby Shower  The most upsetting bit in the entire Page Six article, however, is that a source claimed, "Kim’s not respecting her pregnancy. She’s running around, working out seven days a week. She’s working with two different trainers to control her weight."  Now, as we noted yesterday, one must always keep in mind that these stories are coming from the Post, but Kim Kardashian not taking a break from her fame doesn't sound all that far-fetched. Still, not even the cruelest Kardashian ill-wisher would wish something as tragic as a miscarriage on anyone in that family. If anything asks the question of what cost this fame comes at, it's this: putting you and your child's life at risk.  For once, we're asking you to step away and it's not out of malice or exhaustion from overexposure, it's genuine concern. Take it. We'll actually like you and respect you for it.  RELATED: It's Happening! Kim Kardashian is Pregnant with Kanye West's Baby [Photo credit: Fame FlyNet] From Our Partners:40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Make 'Em Laugh: Will Ferrell Heading Back to the Small Screen and a 'Ben Stiller Show' Reunion
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 07, 2013
    A comedy nerd's dream come true: IFC has ordered two new series from the likes of Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Ben Stiller, and — better call Saul! — Bob Odenkirk.  RELATED: Harrison Ford Joins 'Anchorman 2'  Saturday Night Live vet Ferrell is headed back to the small screen for The Spoils of Babylon, alongside his Funny or Die/Anchorman/Step Brothers cohort McKay. The series, which IFC has ordered for six half-hour episodes, is about the adaptation of an epic saga from an author named Eric Jonrosh (played by Ferrell, who is also executive producing alongside McKay) whose story chronicles the lives of a wealthy oil family over the span of centuries. “This is a crazy and maybe even a stupid idea,” Ferrell said in a statement regarding the series, which is written by SNL's Andrew Steele and directed Casa de mi Padre's Matt Piedmont. “IFC is either really courageous or really stupid which makes them the perfect partner for us." The show is slated to air late 2013.  RELATED: 'Anchorman 2' Has a Pants Party! — POSTER  In addition to The Spoils of Babylon, IFC has also ordered ten episodes of The Birthday Boys, a new sketch comedy/variety show from the Los Angeles comedy group of the same name. The show is executive produced by both Odenkirk (who is also a writer and director on the project) and Stiller (long 0verdue The Ben Stiller Show reunion alert!), who said in a statement, "The Birthday Boys are too good to just be making viral videos. They are funny enough to fill time between episodes of Portlandia. I’m thrilled to be working with Bob Odenkirk again on a TV project. We try to do something every 20 years or so.” Better late than never.  RELATED: Ben Stiller To Dazzle Us On 'Arrested Development'  [Photo credit: Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup/AP Images]
  • He's Heeeeeeeere: 'Monster House' Director Takes on 'Poltergeist' Remake
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 07, 2013
    Poltergeist, Tobe Hooper's 1982 horror classic that ruined your childhood, is getting the remake treatment from producer Sam Raimi. If the look of his update of Evil Dead is any indication, this reboot will also ruin your adulthood. So hide your clown dolls and whatever you do, don't go near the pool, because the new Poltergeist has a director on board.  RELATED: How 'Poltergeist' Almost Ruined My Life  According to Deadline, Monster House director Gil Kenan will take the helm of a different kind of monster house entirely for MGM. Kenan's rep confirmed the news to  RELATED: How Will Horror Movies Continue To Frighten Us?  The remake has no cast on board yet (there are, however, no less than six names attached as writers for the long-in-the-works reboot), but if they and Kenan — who also directed City of Embers and has A Giant on his future docket — know what's good for them, they won't Wikipedia what happened on the set of the original.  RELATED: The 16 Best Horror Movies of the Past Decade  [Photo credit: MGM]  From Our Partners:40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Cuba Gooding Jr. Alter Ego Story Is Almost Too Good To Be True. Almost.
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 06, 2013
    Reading the tabloids comes with a grain of salt. There are the things you know definitely aren't true, the things you really hope aren't true, and the things you so desperately hope are true because they are so outrageously off-the-wall ridiculous there's no way anyone could have even attempted to make it up. Case in point: the story the New York Post is running about Oscar-winner Cuba Gooding Jr. which claims that the Chill Factor/Radio/Snow Dogs/Boat Trip, and yeah, sure Jerry Maguire, star has taken on an alter ego persona named... Dick McWilly. (It's settled, as far as hidden identity names go, Dick McWilly > Dick Whitman).  RELATED: Cuba Gooding Jr. 'Red Tails' Interview According to the always-reliable Post —whose headline about this will presumably read tomorrow "Show Me the Loony!" — the 45-year-old actor was at a Cinema Society screening and "was overheard introducing himself to a woman as McWilly, who has a criminal past." Apparently Dick McWilly is a wily troublemaker who just got out of jail, drank "ant piss," had sex with both a leprechuan and an alligator, the latter of which he got pregnant. Just kidding, the alligator didn't get pregnant because that would be crazy.  RELATED: Are Charlie Sheen and His Alter Ego Charles Swan III Actually the Same Person?  The article also claims that he compared his Broadway show The Trip to Bountiful to... a sandwich. “If I was gonna make you a sandwich, you wouldn’t want me to talk about me making you a sandwich. You just want the sandwich ... and it’s a good sandwich," he allegedly said. Now whether that was Cuba or Dick talking is uncertain, all we do know is that now we would like a sandwich. Thanks a lot, Cuba/Dick!  In all seriousness, we hope that the clearly-troubled star isn't completely losing his marbles (the Post also claims he recently pulled a Tracy Jordan and took his shirt off at a bar, but not, unfortunately, while screaming "Show me the money," in turn making that a slightly less amusing anecdote) and that Dick McWilly will join forces with his brother Omar Gooding Jr. to bring back another season of Wild and Crazy Kids.  [Photo credit: Loic Venance/AFP/GettyImages] From Our Partners:40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Justin Timberlake's Awesome 'SNL' Promo Will Leave You Seeing Double
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 06, 2013
    Do not adjust your screens: there are multiple Justin Timberlake looking back at you. In fact, don't worry that your eyes are playing trick on you all week, you'll be seeing a whole lot of the actor/singer/newlywed/Saturday Night Live host hall of famer. Before kicking off his week-long stint on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the star will be pulling double duty as host and musical guest on this weekend's episode of SNL. It will mark the fifth time that Timberlake will serve as host and third time as musical guest. (The full-court promotional press is in advance of the March 19th release of his long-awaited album The 20/20 Experience).  RELATED: Justin Timberlake Suiting Up For 'SNL' and 'Fallon'  In anticipation of the bound-to-be-great episode (seriously, the guy does no wrong on this show?) NBC released Timberlake's promo and it's just as silly and adorable as Mr. Suit and Tie himself. Appearing in the clip with cast member Kenan Thompson, Timberlake's bits are self-effacing (he can't say Saturday Night Live and instead blurts "Friday Night Pie?!") and advancing what science has been working on for years: multiple Timberlakes performing multiple tasks! If I knew it was possibly, I might have paid more attention in chemistry.  RELATED: Justin Timberlake's '20/20 Experience' Album Cover is a Sexy Trip to the Optometrist Watch the promo video below, and whatever you do, don't forget to wear your suit and tie. You don't want to have egg all over your face!  [Photo credit: NBC] From Our Partners:Seal Is Dating the Pink Power Ranger: Report (Vh1)60 Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who! (Celebuzz)
  • 'Frances Ha' Trailer: Think 'Girls' in Black-and-White
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 05, 2013
    How do you get moviegoers to fall back in love with the oft overused and under-executed trope of the coming-of-age story about a twenty-something girl finding herself in the romantic Big Apple setting? Frances Ha, that's how. It's not just the black-and-white aesthetic, wisely used by director Noah Baumbach, that instantly hearkens to images and thoughts of Woody Allen's as-good-as-it-gets classic Manhattan that does the trick, though. The fitting use of David Bowie's timeless "Modern Love" doesn't hurt, either.  It's also the funny, effective, smart performances by the film's talented batch of underrated indie stars like Adam Driver (Girls), Grace Gummer, and the sweet dramedy's leading lady and co-writer Greta Gerwig (Gerwig and Baumbach penned the script together). Frances Ha, which earned raves on the film festival circuit last year, is a dreamy, yet edgy love letter to New York City and those who attempt to make it there.  RELATED: Greata Gerwig On Why 'It's a Really Special Time To Be a Girl Making Movies'  Watch the trailer for the film, which opens in theaters on May 17, and prepare to fall in love with the movies and love and New York City all over again.  [Photo credit: IFC Films] From Our Partners:40 Most Revealing See-Through Red Carpet Looks (Vh1)15 Stars Share Secrets of their Sex Lives (Celebuzz)
  • Why Jason Sudeikis Needs to Pick Up His 'SNL' Game
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 05, 2013
    Maybe we shouldn't be surprised if we don't see much of Jason Sudeikis around Saturday Night Live this weekend. No, the SNL star hasn't left the show for good — as he's alluded to/threatened time and time again — but because returning favorite host Justin Timberlake is back and, well, he and Sudeikis' fiancee Olivia Wilde have history.  RELATED: Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde Are Engaged  Then again, if J. Suds decides to sit this one out, it wouldn't look all that different from most episodes of SNL recently. The variety show's former heavy hitter has been all but reduced to a minor player, only occasionally popping up in the background of a sketch or to dust off his Wolf Blitzer or Billy Ray Cyrus imitation. (Even then, he's overshadowed by Vanessa Bayer's pretty cool take on Miley.) In February alone, Sudeikis only appeared in a handful of sketches — in none of which was he front and center.  So what is the fate of Sudeikis, who is currently in his 10th year at Studio 8H? Will the guy who seemed to have one foot out the door with Kristen Wiig — and who said in early 2012 that he'd "miss the people ... the process, the parties" — stick around for the duration of Season 38? reached out to both NBC and the Sudeikis' rep, but did not get a comment regarding his current and future status on the long-running show.  RELATED: We Can Thank Mitt Romney For Keeping Jason Sudeikis on 'SNL'... For Now Look, it's not that we want Sudeikis out the door. Far from it. (I mean, what would be up with "What Up With That?" without his trademark dance moves?) But if this does turn out to be the final season for the actor/comedian, he's squandering his talents and would be leaving a lame duck. Maybe it's because Sudeikis didn't get the comeback he so richly deserved on 30 Rock (we had higher hopes for Floyd and Liz) or because he's doing Applebees commercials voiceovers, but we're really pulling for this talented performer to go out with a bang rather than a whimper.  After all, Sudeikis has done an awesome job playing the likes of Taylor Hicks and Vice President Joe Biden, Jon Bon Jovi, and one half of "Two A-holes." Please, J. Suds, you're too funny and started too promising to become the punchline of "that guy is still here?" jokes. Make the best of the rest of Season 38 and step up your game to play on the level of Bill Hader and Fred Armisen again. That is, if you do indeed choose to go. (Just as long as you don't make a Hall Pass sequel). [Photo credit: NBC] From Our Partners:Seal Is Dating the Pink Power Ranger: Report (Vh1)60 Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who! (Celebuzz)
  • 'Girls' Recap: OCD, Infidelity, and Carol Kane Cameos
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 04, 2013
    Now that Jessa is temporarily out of the picture on Girls, space has been freed up to get to know some of the other characters again (or get to know them in a new light), as well as introduce some new ones.  RELATED: 'Girls' Recap: Daddy Issues The focus on Hannah has never shifted out of view on the show, but we've also never seen her deal with her OCD. The series has made mention of it before, and we've even seen small traces of it, but we've never witnessed it actually play out. Triggered by the stress of Adam still calling her, her looming book deadline, and her parents visiting (if Girls has taught us anything over the past two weeks, it's that our parents drive us bonkers, even when they are delightfully played by Peter Scolari and Becky Ann Baker) Hannah slips back into her OCD, which includes obsessively counting her steps or the the times she opens her doors and repeating the same phrases.  There's been a lot of things that have broken my heart on Girls, but perhaps none more than this storyline. It was hard to watch Hannah face the terrible reality that mental disorders are a lifelong struggle, and that it not only has a major impact on those who suffer from it, but those who love them. (Hannah's softie of a father Tad so clearly wants to save or fix his daughter, but can't). Lena Dunham handled the issue marvelously (the actress/writer tweeted that she suffered from OCD as a child) and whether or not Hannah's OCD will stay at the surface, or become stagnant again, we know that she is not someone defined by her mental disorder. For someone desperately trying to find her place in the world, that's one thing she can be sure of.  If Hannah's bout with OCD made her a more compassionate character (her struggles through high school would make even the biggest Hannah hater have a heart), Marnie's story line this week did the exact opposite. Marnie has been a point of contention for even the biggest Girls defender, but her showing up at Charlie's office after she found out he was an overnight success for an app he created, ("Support from me or for me?" he quipped under his breath when she said she was there for support) then having the gall to complain that he's not broken enough, was unforgiveable. When Marnie confesses that her own dream is to be a singer, (we knew she was a musical theater kid, but where on Earth did this come from?) it's not that she's a mediocre crooner that leads me to believe this won't be a viable option, but her sh**ty attitude about what's "fair" in this world. Charlie had every right to create an app to tune her out, as a Girls fan I'm going to try and do the same.  While the show seemed hell bent on making Marnie insufferable, they did the exact opposite with Ray and Adam. While Ray has shown traces of being a decent human being before, I've never quite bought Adam's brutal honesty as charms. Also, he stole someone's dog and then abandoned Ray in Staten Island with said dog that he stole. He's a basket case. Yet, almost magically, Adam transformed into a sweet, charming, dreamboat after set up with the daughter of someone he met at AA (the beyond-great Carol Kane, who deserves her own show about a mother in AA who sets her daughter up on dates). While out with the attractive, equally charming Natalia (Shiri Appleby) Adam is funny, loose, and flirtatious (not in a sketchy way) — and he somehow resembles a sane, functioning adult. RELATED: Lena Dunham Now Apologizing For Things She Didn't Do Where has this guy been all along? Did he hide that guy from Hannah? H admitted during his AA speech that he didn't like her from the start, but she grew on him and he liked having her around, leading me to believe both of them liked the idea of each other more than each other. Has this all been an act? He's barely capable of any normal human interaction, yet he becomes a swoon-worthy first date? I have a feeling making him like this is just to set the table for a possible reunion with Hannah, but this is still someone who did some deeply troubling things to her during their relationship.  RELATED: 'Girls' Recap: Book Deals and Boy Talk  Speaking of flawed relationships, Shoshanna and Ray hit another roadblock that stems from their wildly different personalities and general outlook on the world. She, the bubbly eternal optimist, and he the smug, sarcastic realist, didn't go to a party together ("I'm a 33-year-old man," he argued after they were invited to a party from her friend Radhika, who guilted her for being missing in action all summer, "It's creepy for a college senior to go to a college party") and it set the stage for something terrible when she went to the party alone. Frustrated by her relationship and intrigued by a handsome stranger, our dear, sweet Shosh made out with a doorman. Now, her actions were inexcusable, but this relationship was doomed from the start, and this could be the thing that shifts her from naive twenty-something to adulthood. I hate to say it, but I like this new Shosh so much more.  Some of the other highlights and best lines from the latest episode of Girls, "It's Back":  - "Where is she? What is she wearing, is it linen? What language is she speaking?" - Shoshanna, wondering about Jessa.  - "You make me wanna cry, and I've never met you."- Ray, after Shoshanna's friend Radhika calls roller blades "vintage." - Ray not liking how Shoshanna improperly uses air quotes, as a crutch to hide behind in conversations. (Hey, don't feel bad, Shosh, Joey on Friends did that, too!)  - Adam's perfectly charming phone call ("This is a f**king land line?!") to Natalia. Seriously, who is this guy? I've yet to meet him on this show.  - Judy Collins cameo! Between her and Carol Kane, this might be the best cameo-filled episode of Girls to date.  - "You can't dress like a magician's assistant forever"- Ray, to Marnie.  - Shoshanna's fake name that she gives the sexy doorman is... Shanna.  What did you think of last night's episode of Girls? Share your thoughts in the comments section.  [Photo credit: HBO]
  • 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice' Season Premiere: Who Heard 'You're Fired' First?
    By: Aly Semigran Mar 03, 2013
    Most reality shows, when you get down to it (and by it I mean your DVR fast forward button), could probably be about 15 minutes long. The two-hour premiere episode of the first-ever All-Star Celebrity Apprentice was really no exception, though if you whittled down host Donald Trump's inane bragging ("I happen to love these things, meatballs") and sexism (he was quick to point out Omarosa's figure and Lisa Rinna's lips), contestant Gary Busey's crazed antics, fruitless arguments, judge Piers Morgan putdowns, Trace Adkins stealing Sam Elliot's voice box, Lil' Jon's love of truffle oil, and declarations that they aren't there to make friends, they are there to win, you might not have any show left to show.  RELATED: 'All-Star Celebrity Apprentice': Gary Busey Is Back In Your Living Room and Your Nightmares The episode, titled "The Wolf in Charge of the Hen House", split the all-"stars" into two teams, Team Power (lead by Bret Michaels, and composed of the villainous Omarosa, Lil' Jon, Brande Roderick, Dennis Rodman, La Toya Jackson, and Claudia Jordan) and Team Plan B (lead by Trace Adkins, and composed of Gary Busey, who was quick to point out that their team name is also a birth control device, as well as Penn Jillette, Stephen Baldwin, Dee Snider, Marilu Henner, and Lisa Rinna).  The teams were given the task of raising funds for their charities by running a meatball shop for a day. Adkins opted to let the money from donors do the talking, while Brande (who literally got on her knees and beg to have Bret give her the title of project manager) put more of an emphasis on the quality of meatballs and less on mathematics.  RELATED: Even Celebrities Are Fed Up With Donald Trump  In the end, thanks to donations from big spenders like Amy Grant and Mick Foley (yeah, this show is weird), Adkins and Team Plan B won the challenge by bringing in nearly $420,000 and Bret (who foolishly chose Omarosa to be on his team and then let Brande take the wheel on their project) and La Toya (who, despite being a member of the Jackson family, barely made a blip on the crazy radar) were put on the chopping block for Team Power.  A few other moments from the All-Star Celebrity Apprentice premiere, before the big "You're fired" reveal:  - The episode had the contestants meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to kill art, once and for all.  - "Almost everyone of you has been fired here, most of you will be fired again, but somebody is gonna win" - Donald Trump, CEO of No S**t, Sherlock Industries.  - Despite the fact that they named their product Naked Balls with Harry's Sauce, Team Plan B still won.  - "God ain't no punk"- Omarosa's interpretation of the bible. I think that was in the letter from Paul to the Corinthians. - Kelly Ripa's bizarre rationalization that she is a vegetarian in "real life" but eats meat on television. Does she not think her job on television counts as reality? Kelly, where are you?! - Alec Baldwin shout-out! Declared by Donald Trump to his brother Stephen Baldwin as a "terrific guy".  - Ivanka Trump mercifully shooting down the show's rampant sexist attitude after Claudia said a male teammate "was bitching and complaining like a woman." Sisterhood! RELATED: 15 Surprising Celebrity Lookalikes In the end, it turned out to be Bret who was told "You're fired" by the Donald, who was peeved with him from the start for having the nerve to compete again. THE NERVE TO COME BACK FOR AN ALL-STAR SEASON WHEN YOU'RE TECHNICALLY THE BEST OF THE ALL-STARS! Of course, Omarosa did what she does best to get the reigning champ out the door first: she manipulated the hell out of everyone around her, even her buddy Donald. Who do you think is going to walk away the champ of this televised oxymoron (all-"stars")  All-Star Celebrity Apprentice?  [Photo credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC] From Our Partners:Justin Bieber Celebrates 19th Birthday, Loses His Pants (Vh1)60 Celebrity Bikini Bodies: Guess Who! (Celebuzz)