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  • Jennifer Lawrence Introduces President Clinton — And Her New Short Hair  — At GLAAD Media Awards
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 21, 2013
    It was a big night for Jennifer Lawrence at the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards on Saturday night. Not only did the Oscar-winning actress have the task of presenting President Bill Clinton, the recipient of the Advocate for Change Award at last night's ceremony, but she sent the Internet into a frenzy (what else is new?) when she debuted her new, short haircut.  Celebrity hairdresser Mark Townsend shared a shot of Lawrence's gorgeous new look on Instagram with the message "Meanwhile, this is happening" before she hit the red carpet for the event wearing a stunning little black dress by David Koma. The photo got overwhelmingly positive reception from fans online, who wrote messages in response like, "Crazy gorgeous" and "perfect".  Of course even if Lawrence may look a little different, she still remains her same old charming self we've all come to know and love. According to E! Online, the 22-year-old Catching Fire star had one of her trademark slip-ups on stage. Lawrence, while introducing President Clinton's award with Miramax honcho Harvey Weinstein before Chelsea Clinton introduced her father, the actress reportedly "mildly flubbed" the former President's name.  But President Clinton took the small slip-up in stride and joked, "I don't know why Harvey made Jennifer do that. She really was like 2-years-old when I became president. I met her backstage and she looked like she was touring the Museum of Natural History." Below are more of the winners, including President Clinton, from the 2013 GLAAD Media Awards:  Advocate for Change Award: Bill Clinton, presented by Harvey Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence Stephen F. Kolzak Award: Steve Warren, presented by Leonardo DiCaprio and Charlize Theron Outstanding Film – Wide Release: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Summit Entertainment), accepted by writer-director Stephen Chbosky with Logan Lerman, Johnny Simmons and Mae Whitman Outstanding Comedy Series: The New Normal (NBC), accepted by co-creators Ryan Murphy and Allison Adler with Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha, Georgia King, Jayson Blair, NeNe Leakes Outstanding Individual Episode: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Me What to Do” Raising Hope (Fox), accepted by show creator Greg Garcia with Cloris Leachman, Shannon Woodward Outstanding TV Movie or Mini-Series: American Horror Story: Asylum (FX), accepted by show creator Ryan Murphy Outstanding Daily Drama: Days of Our Lives (NBC), accepted by: Freddie Smith Outstanding Talk Show Episode: “At Home with Neil Patrick Harris, His Fiancé David Burtka, & Their Twins” Oprah’s Next Chapter (OWN) More: Jennifer Lawrence Smoking Pot on Set?You're Not Allowed to Hate Jennifer Lawrence...and Here's WhyStephen Colbert Got President Bill Clinton To Send Out His First-Ever Tweet   From Our Partners:Eva Longoria Bikinis on Spring Break (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Neil Diamond Sings 'Sweet Caroline' At Fenway Park — VIDEO
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 20, 2013
    How sweet it is. The celebrations in Boston continued on Saturday following the terrifying manhunt that lead to the capture of Marathon bomber suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev. Crooner Neil Diamond surprised Red Sox fans at Boston's Fenway Park with a live performance of their beloved Beantown anthem "Sweet Caroline."  The song, which is sung at Red Sox home games during the 8th inning, was sung louder and prouder by Bostonians who endured a week filled with tragedy, anxiety, and eventually, relief and healing. "Sweet Caroline" was heard through baseball parks across America this week, as Major League Baseball teams (even the Red Sox longtime rivals the New York Yankees) played it as a sign of solidarity for Boston.  While Diamond didn't really sing the classic so much as lead a sing-a-long for the enthusiastic crowd of more than 35,000 jubilant fans, the sentiment was what mattered most. On Twitter, the singer posted a Vine video of his surprise Fenway appearance with the message: "For Boston."  Watch the moment here:  In case that wasn't enough to lift the spirits of the city of Boston, the Red Sox went on to win their first game since the tragedies that struck their city by coming back to win their game against the Kansas City Royals with a finale score of 4-3.  More:Twitter Celebrates Boston After Bombings Suspect Caught Bradley Cooper, Dropkick Murphys Do Their Part For Boston Victims Remembering the Boston Bombings Victims: 10 Emotional Tweets  From Our Partners:Eva Longoria Bikinis on Spring Break (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • 420 at the Movies: Stoners Who Get S**t Done
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 20, 2013
    Some of the effects of smoking weed (so we've been told) are things like memory loss, sluggishness, distracting hunger, hallucinations, and paranoia. But don't tell these classic stoner characters in stoner-friendly movies that, because as much as they might space out, hang out in sweatpants in their living room, dine on junk food, totally trip out, or, like, totally freak out, man, these cannabis enthusiasts actually get a whole lot done.  For anyone, er, celebrating 4/20 don't worry that your whole day will go to pot. If you're anything like the some of the characters in The Cabin in the Woods, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and The Big Lebowski, you'll be able to fight off Big Brother-manufactured zombies, halt a Hollywood production, and figure out an embezzlement scheme.  If anyone tries to harsh your vibe today, just remind them of Cheech, Chong, Harold, Kumar, Jay, Silent Bob, and other great, and yes, productive, potheads in movie history. Check out our gallery of 15 Stoners Who Get S**t Done here:    More: Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson Caught Enjoying Themselves on 'Catching Fire' Set Four and Twenty Movie and TV Props We Wish Were Bongs Happy 420: Worst Movies To Watch While High  From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • Boston Bombings Suspect Captured: Celebs Rejoice On Twitter and Honor Law Enforcement Officials
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 20, 2013
    After what felt like the longest week in American history, the nation breathed a sigh of relief and applauded Boston law enforcement officials, as the manhunt for Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev was captured on Friday night. (Well, according to a Fox affiliate, it was actress Zooey Deschanel, pictured, to which the New Girl actress reacted on Twitter, "Whoa! Epic closed captioning FAIL!").  For better or worse, Twitter was the place that so many people went to share information (and misinformation), air their grievances, or even crack a joke during this week's horror and hysteria. But, with the exception of humanity troll Donald Trump, there was a universal mood on the social media site when the news broke that Tsarnaev was in custody: elation and appreciation.  Celebrities — many with ties to the Boston area (including Joey McIntyre, who finished the race on Monday just moments before the explosions) that dealt with a terrible tragedy that took the lives of three and injured dozens during the marathon bombings, the fatal shooting of an M.I.T. police officer, an intense manhunt, and a lock down within the span of just five days —once again took to Twitter, this time to celebrate, at long last, something good.   Here are some of the best responses on Twitter out of Hollywood to the big news.  Boston Cops vs punk kid whose Justin Bieber's age?That's like Godzilla vs Bambi, except Godzilla has a Red Sox hat on and Bambi is insane. — Emile Hirsch (@EmileHirsch) April 20, 2013   So goddamn relieved. Boston, I love you. May the bars stay open til dawn. (photo cred @cjgimbel)… — olivia wilde (@oliviawilde) April 20, 2013   Go have a drink, Boston.I'm genuinely happy for you.Buy any single malt, neat.Go support the bars that took a hit. — Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) April 20, 2013 Boston's wicked good — Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) April 20, 2013   #Watertown way to stay strong. Breathe & get some sleep now~ much gratitude to all the responders. #Boston is my blood- peace & love to all. — Eliza Dushku (@elizadushku) April 20, 2013   Justice is done. Way to go Boston PD! #BOSTONSTRONG — Joe Manganiello (@joemanganiello) April 20, 2013   Grateful for some kind of relief from this sad week. And for all armed services- heroes all! Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU. — Joey McIntyre (@joeymcintyre) April 20, 2013 Boston Police get the Wicked Mazel of the Day — Andy Cohen (@BravoAndy) April 20, 2013   Watching live coverage-everyone celebrating the boston police for capturing this f*#ker.incredible work- #BOSTONSTRONGERTHANEVER — maria menounos (@mariamenounos) April 20, 2013     In AWE of our law enforcement!#DzhokharChained — Danny Zuker (@DannyZuker) April 20, 2013   Bless the courageous. The courageous victims. Their courageous families. The courageous first responders. The courageous keepers of justice! — Donnie Wahlberg (@DonnieWahlberg) April 20, 2013 Just boarded a flight & very grateful to all police, security & 1st responders who protect us, across the country #ThankYou #BostonPD #FBI — Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) April 20, 2013   Have a great weekend, Boston — Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers21) April 20, 2013   More: Patton Oswalt's Reaction to Boston Tragedy Reminds Us What Makes a Great ComedianRemembering the Boston Bombings Victims: 10 Emotional Tweets Boston Celebs React to Marathon Bombings on Twitter From Our Partners:Eva Longoria Bikinis on Spring Break (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Amazon Series 'Alpha House' Premiere: Republican Jokes and Cameos From Bill Murray and Stephen Colbert
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 19, 2013
    It's telling that the best moments in Alpha House, the new political comedy series from Amazon — yes, that Amazon, the one where you buy your desk fans and Six Feet Under series on DVD and is now following Netflix's lead and producing their own original content — was a result of stunt casting.  Cameos from Bill Murray (who did not appear on their other Amazon original series Zombieland, for the record) and Stephen Colbert which bookended the series' premiere episode were really the only things that made this half-hour comedy worthwhile. Colbert played himself, while Murray stole the whole thing as a disgraced politician who slept in and forgot he was turning himself in. Only Bill F**kin' Murray can shave, brush his teeth, weep, and curse the heavens at the same time.  That doesn't particularly bode well for the show's talented leads who play a group of Republican senators who all live together, including John Goodman (as a rough-around-the-edges Southerner), Mark Consuelos (as a handsome womanizer, Matt Malloy (as a possibly in-the-closet Republican), and Clark Johnson (as a no-nonsense heavy-hitter). The concept is there, sure, but it's hard to tell who the show is targeted to. Alpha House takes some pretty clear punches at Republicans and their views on hot button issues like gay marriage, but why would anyone for the party watch it and why would anyone against the party want to watch a show about a nasty, bumbling group of them? That's what the news is for.  Plus, as far as dark, foul-mouthed comedies (Alpha House drops the f-word a few times... no, the other one) about politics are concerned, Veep has that market cornered. Their show is funnier, sharper, and wisely doesn't involve parties. (Honestly, your opinion about Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Selina Meyers would change if you knew her political affiliation. It was a smart move on the writers' part to omit that).  The series has potential, but for everything it hits on the mark (politicians don't go on The Colbert Report because "he makes you look like a horse's ass") it all just feels too late to the (Republican) party. You can watch the entire episode here, but you could — and should— watch Murray's opening segment meltdown courtesy of Vulture on repeat for a half-hour instead.  More: Amazon 'Zombieland' Pilot Gets a Cool Poster Amazon Orders 'Zombieland' Pilot
  • 'New Girl' Scoop: Margo Martindale Reveals How There Might Be a 'Meeting of the Parents'
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 19, 2013
    When New Girl fans met Nick Miller's mom Bonnie (Emmy-winner Margo Martindale) for the first time (we've overheard plenty of adorable phone calls in which he reassures his "Ma" he's alright) in the wonderful, bittersweet episode "Chicago," it wasn't under the happiest of circumstances. Her con artist husband Walt (Dennis Farina) passed away and Nick and his pals went to the crazy Miller household to pay their respects at his Elvis-themed funeral.  At the end of the episode, Bonnie — who ultimately warmed to Jess (Zooey Deschanel) when she saw how much she and her son cared about each other — she pleaded with Nick to come home to Chicago more, if only so that she didn't have to only talk to her dopier son Jamie (Nick Kroll). Well, Bonnie and New Girl fans who want more of that crazy Miller brood may get their wish: Martindale told that she and the New Girl writers are "all talking about" how to bring Bonnie back into the mix. And Walt, too? Martindale caught up with on the red carpet at the premiere of her new drama Bluebird at the Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday and revealed, "We were all talking about it. About maybe Dennis Farina('s character Walt) is not really dead, that he conned his death. And then we could have a meeting of the parents." The Millers meeting the Days (Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner)? We love it already. If only because their meeting would mean Nick and Jess would have a reason for their parents to meet! Of course, getting to revive her role as Nick's mom on the series (which is already garnering her guest star Emmy buzz) has another pretty sweet incentive: getting to work with Jake Johnson again. "Isn't he cute? In person he's even cuter," Martindale said, adding, "He's such a wonderful actor. That whole cast is insane talent." One big, happy talented New Girl family.  Follow Aly on Twitter @AlySemigran More: 'New Girl' Recap: Cece's Bachelorette Party and Nick's D**k Pic 'New Girl' Recap: Nick and Jess' Infinite Sexual Tension'New Girl' Recap: A Death in the Family From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • Florence + the Machine's 'Great Gatsby' Track Is As Moody and Sexy as Its Source Material
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 18, 2013
    "Over the Love", the song contributed by Florence + the Machine for the anticipated and eclectic soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann's 3D big screen adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary classic The Great Gatsby, is pretty much everything you'd expect from them for this particular musical/movie endeavor. It's moody, melodic, and Florence Welch sings lyrics like "I can see the great light, I can see it in your eyes" in that way that particularly hauntingly sexy way only Florence Welch can. (Well, okay, maybe Annie Lennox could). You can listen to the full song — which was heard previously in snippets in the trailer — courtesy of GQ. No matter how you feel about Luhrmann's frantic filmmaking aesthetic, you've got to admit the guy knows how to put together a killer soundtrack, and The Great Gatsby is shaping up to be no exception to the rule. In addition to the window-rattling Florence + the Machine sweeping pop number, the Jay-Z executive-produced album will also featured the eclectic likes of Gotye, The xx, Jack White, Sia, and While you can listen to the Florence + the Machine (and you should, considering they have previously given some serious soundtrack cred to the likes of Eat, Pray, Love and Sex and the City) tune in full, you can get a taste of the rest of the record in the sampler below:  The Great Gatsby hits theaters on May 10, but the soundtrack will be released on May 7.  More: 2013 Cannes Film Festival Lineup Beyonce to Cover Amy Winehouse For 'Gatsby'Beyonce, Florence +the Machine Steal the Spotlight in 'Great Gatsby' Trailer  From Our Partners:Eva Longoria Bikinis on Spring Break (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)
  • Ann Curry's Last Months at 'Today' Sounded Like An Even Bigger Nightmare Than You Thought
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 18, 2013
    If you wake up in the morning dreading the day ahead because you're going to be bullied and belittled by your co-horts to the point that you have to leave, you're either a middle schooler (hang in there, kid) or you were Ann Curry on the Today show (you know what, you hang in there, too).  In yet another scathing expose on the downright ugly behind-the-scenes drama at Today in the midst of the morning show ratings wars and Ann Curry's controversial and unceremonious exit that's widely reported to have been at the hand of her co-anchor Matt Lauer, the New York Times has revealed even more details about NBC's ongoing PR nightmare. (Or morningmare, to be more accurate).  According to the Times, Today executive producer Jim Bell taunted Curry in the months leading up to her firing by doing things like commissioning a "blooper reel of Curry’s worst on-air mistakes" and concocted the plan to get her out the door for good in a plan that was called "Operation Bambi." The execution of that three-part plan was reportedly to " 1.) persuade Lauer to extend his expiring contract; 2.) oust Curry; 3.) replace her with Savannah Guthrie." (The article claims Bell also toasted with his fellow producers to Curry's exit just hours after her emotional sign-off).  But Bell wasn't the only one who seemed dead set on making life hell for Curry. When the journalist wore a bright yellow dress on air one particular morning staff members in the control room allegedly Photoshopped Curry next to Big Bird and voted on “Who wore it best?” Another claim in the article is that Curry's foe Lauer once allegedly told a production assistant, “I can’t believe I am sitting next to this woman.” Piling on to the already-dreadful work environment that had been created, following the tragic Aurora movie theater shootings NBC sent Curry and her eventual replacement Savannah Guthrie ("whose playful, sometimes bashful personality many of NBC’s top executives found appealing" according to the piece) to Colorado to cover it and "announced that she would co-host the next day’s Today with Guthrie. The plan was intended to reassure viewers that all was well within “America’s First Family.” But Curry didn’t find out about the plan until after her plane landed and then refused to go along with it. Instead, she filed a single four-minute segment. One staff member was told to look into booking Curry and Guthrie on separate flights home."  When the axe had been dropped, boxes that had some of her personal belongings had gone missing and "ended up in a coat closet, as if she had already been booted off the premises." In short, Studio 1A at Rockefeller Center, comprised of professional adults in a workplace, basically turned into a vicious lunch table in middle school. In fact it was so bad that post-firing Curry "cried as she read e-mail and Twitter messages from fans. For weeks she couldn’t bring herself to return to 30 Rock, where her closed office door bore a red Post-it note that read 'Do Not Enter' in capital letters." Curry allegedly described her last few months at Today as a "form of professional torture." Bell and NBC deny all the claims in the story.  You can read the entire stunning article — which also delves into Public Enemy No. 1 Lauer's ongoing mess on the air (an executive at a rival network mused, "I bet he hasn’t had one happy day since he renewed") and at home (his wife Annette allegedly stated “Two more years, and then he’s mine" regarding his dwindling contract)  — here. Though, be warned, it may bring up some repressed middle school and high school memories.  More:Matt Lauer on Ann Curry's Firing: 'I Don't Think the Show Handled the Transition Well'Anderson Cooper vs. Matt Lauer: Who is a Better Host?  Ann Curry Exits 'Today' Show From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • 'Castle' Bomb-Themed Episode Postponed By ABC in Wake of Boston Tragedy
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 18, 2013
    ABC has decided to postpone a bomb-themed episode of their popular drama Castle in the wake of the tragic events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon earlier this week. The episode, which was originally slated to air on on Monday, April 22, will now air a week later on Monday, April 29.   According to The Hollywood Reporter the episode titled "Still" revolves around "NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) accidentally tripping the sensor on a bomb, leaving her unable to move or detonate it causing Ryan (Seamus Dever) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) to search for the bomber to disarm it." ABC isn't the only TV network to have repsonded accordingly to the sensitivity of the attack which claimed the lives of three people and injured over a hundred. On Monday night, NBC pre-empted their post-apocalyptic drama Revolution with a Nightly News special about the Boston bombings.  More:Networks Shift Their Coverage Following Boston Bombing  Celebs React to Boston Marathon Explosions Boston Marathon Tragedy: How You Can Help From Our PartnersStars Pose Naked for 'Allure' (Celebuzz)Which Game of Thrones Actor Looks Least Like His Character? (Vulture)
  • Stephen Colbert and Alan Cumming One-Up 'Accidental Racist' With 'Oopsie-Daisy Homophobe'
    By: Aly Semigran Apr 18, 2013
    When Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's baffling, culturally insensitive, and totally racist rap/country duet "Accidental Racist" hit the web a week-and-a-half ago, everyone had something to say about it, from its detractors to its defenders (including Mr. Cool J himself who said he was "proud" of the message in the collaboration). But leave it to Stephen Colbert to cut the crap and get to the real problem at the core of "Accidental Racist": "This song suuuuuuuucks."  During Wednesday night's episode of The Colbert Report, the host — who considers himself something of a country music and Paisley aficionado ("He writes a lot of his songs inspired by validating his identity at websites") — was inspired to write his own awful song that also speaks the language of "universal suckage." So Colbert, along with his rap collaborator, openly gay actor Alan Cumming (who knew he was a rapper?!) debuted their own duet called "Oopsie-Daisy Homophobe" with such inspired lyrics as, "I hope you understand when I told you 'God hates f**s' the only thing I meant to say was I'm a Skynyrd fan" and "Hey Mr. Straight Man I wish you understood/What it's like to live in the world when you look this good."  Much like LL Cool J and Paisley's agreement to not judge his gold chains and forgive and forget about that whole slavery thing, if you don't judge Cummings' tight pants, he'll let it slide that you're a "certified titty fan". So many social issues resolved this month! Watch the hilarious, not-sucky "Oopsie-Daisy Homophobe" here:  The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,Video Archive More:No One Will Apologize for 'Accidental Racist' Stephen Colbert Gets President Bill Clinton to Send His First-Ever Tweet 'The Good Wife' is Suddenly the Gayest Show on TV  From Our Partners:Eva Longoria Bikinis on Spring Break (Celebuzz)33 Child Stars: Where Are They Now? (Celebuzz)